AirDroid is a wireless Android manager that lets you manage your Android device with ease through your web browser. This app is not new on the Google Play Store, but now it has new features to make managing your Android device even easier. Looking for a solution to manage everything on your mobile device? Read on and learn how AirDroid can make things easier for you.

AirDroid, even upon its release, managed to attract millions of users. It’s clear that the app was able to deliver what it was meant to, but there were a few minor bugs that gave users headaches. The developer of the app came up with an update to delight users, that is by adding new features and ironing out all the bugs from the previous version. (If you missed our review about this app, check our app review of AirDroid, which we published late last year.)

New Features and Improvements

Version 1.0.5 of AirDroid came with a lot of improvements and new handy feature. If you are already familiar with AirDroid, the very first thing that you will notice is the user interface’s new look on both the mobile home screen and the web browser. It is now slicker and smoother to the eyes.

When you use the app, logging in is also more convenient and safer. Just open on your web browser, launch AirDroid on your phone, and type in the passcode shown on the log-in screen of the app or scan the QR code shown on the desktop browser with your phone’s camera. You should be good to go. AirDroid¬† now utilizes HTTPS protocols, giving you a more secure connection between your phone and your mobile device, preventing other people from messing with your data.

The app also comes with new goodies for you to enjoy. Some of the most delightful treats are the Speed Install and Speed Upload features. It’s easier to install new applications on your mobile device via APKs with the ability to speed install them through your desktop. Uploading files will be faster than ever through a drag-and-drop feature, allowing you to transfer files with ease, just by dragging and dropping them into a box displayed on the web browser. You can also easily stream the videos on your phone directly to your browser.

The interface is already amazing but the ability to switch to multiple desktops is even more amazing. You can use the four desktops to manage multiple aspects of your mobile device at the same time. You can manage everything from your music, contacts, call logs, messages, apps and more.

And, there are some bonus features too. The app allows you to easily capture a screenshot of your device, which is very handy for developers and app reviews who need to illustrate the interface of a ROM or an app. And thanks to the extended clipboard features, you also do not have to do the cumbersome process of typing in URLs in your phone because the app allows you to transport URLs to easily open them on your phone.

So if you want to manage your phone easily try AirDroid. You can download AirDroid free from the Google Play Store.


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