Do you think the security application that you are using in your Android device is good enough? Think again. There’s a new app that claims to solve all your security needs. AirCover is fully equipped to protect your device from all types of malicious content and has lots of additional features, too.

This app has it all.  It serves as an antivirus, a tracking tool for your device in case you lose it, a utility for remotely wiping data to prevent your device from being used by another, an app for controlling for individual apps and advanced system access, cloud-based storage to back up your important data, and many more other features.

All Covered

AirCover is just one of the few comprehensive applications that give you overall protection, as well as optimization of your system and other applications. Speaking of system optimization, AirCover includes tools to optimize your system.  It includes a task killer, a one-click memory optimizer, cache cleaner, and a battery life enhancement tool. In most cases, you’d need to download several different apps individually just to have those features, but AirCover has covered it all for you.

Aside from protection and system optimization features, the app also gives you additional features that will surely come in handy. Some of these features include sending emergency text messages or emails to people who are close to you, automatically uploading mobile data to the cloud, checking the coordinates of your friends on a map, automatically closing opened apps at a specific time, checking the battery status and other extended stats, and providing some tips on how to save battery power.

There are other handy features in AirCover and it would be very cumbersome to describe them all in detail in this article, but one thing is for sure, they are all working great for the app and you can surely use them with ease.

Using AirCover

Once you launch the app, you are then introduced to its homescreen where you can find buttons for its respective features, namely Mobile Security, Family Safety, Cloud Backup, Device Found, System Tuneup, and Battery Doctor.

When you tap the Mobile Security button, you trigger the individual guarding mechanism for apps that are running, as well as those that you downloaded. You can also run a complete scan of the system and check all the other apps on your device.

The Family Safety button lets you send an emergency text message or email to a family member, as well as track the location of your family members. When locating your family members on the map, you can also pinpoint the Safe Regions for you to know if they are in a safe place.

From the Cloud backup button, there is a More Option button where you can see details about your cloud storage such as space used and other backup/restore options.

There is also Device found button where you can turn on/off the remote device tracking feature. In case your device is lost, you can log in to the official Bluesprig website to try to find your phone.

The System Tuneup button is where you can access numerous useful system tools.

Last, but not the least, is the Battery Doctor button where you will find a dashboard for checking your battery details like battery health/status and stats.

AirCover really is truly full-packed with security and optimization features.  If you want to check it out, download AirCover free from the Google Play Store.