Everyone knows the Wii, right? Nintendo’s popular gaming console is most notable for its use of motion control as an input method. Now can you imagine controlling your Android phone or tablet using motion control?

It may seem like a pipe dream but Aiken Labs has had its Immersive Motion nine-axis modular sensing system in development for a while now and it is finally making its way to the Android platform – although it’s not alone. Aiken Labs also has plans to bring their control system to iOS and the new Windows Phone. Immersive Motion works by using a small battery-powered server to bring motion-control input into your mobile environment. The server monitors a set of modular sensors that come with it, capturing their position data and translating them as input for your device.

This means you can tape these sensors on to anything and use that as your input device. The kit itself includes the mobile server and two modular sensors which have a 50-foot range. With a little duct tape and ingenuity, you can probably attach them to anything. All of it for just $300. You can also buy add-on sensors for $50 each.

The $300 price tag may frighten off the more casual users, but the Aiken Labs is hoping to bring down the costs in the future. The set itself has other uses beyond gaming – an Immersive Motion set with a few more sensors can build a low-cost motion-capture suit.

Motion capture input also can be used for basic input tasks. Aiken currently has these things in prototype stage and it will be quite a few months before we see the final product. Expect a more refined, more accurate and cheaper product on the shelves within the year.

Source: Engadget