Having successfully launched its cloud-based gaming service on the Apple iPad and Windows 8 tablets last year, Agawi is now bringing the platform to Android devices.

Dubbed as CloudPlay, the technology frees PC game developers from having to port their games to other platforms. The games will be stored and run on Agawi’s server, where they will be streamed as video to the player’s device.

This opens up a whole new world for Android gamers who like to venture out of the usual crop of games on Google Play as their source of entertainment. What’s even better is that the hardware specs matter less, since everything is processed in the cloud, including all control inputs.

Agawi, which, in case you’re wondering, stands for “Any game, Any Where, Instantly”, said that they are partnering with several indie PC game developers, as well as Nvidia and Marvell, to bring 15 titles to the platform.

For now, the list includes Chaos on Deponia (Daedalic Entertainment), Puddle (Neko Entertainment), World Rally Championship (Plug in Digital), and Party of Sin (Crankshaft Games). You can also expect to see games from Teotl Studios, Or1go Games, and more.

The company hasn’t mentioned when the service will go live, though it did say that the games will be offered on a rental basis (three-day and five-day rentals).

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