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Aereo-like programming service coming for Android devices

Tablet TV allows people to receive over-the-air TV on tablets.
August 29, 2014

Even though Aereo was killed off by the Supreme Court, a new Aereo-like company is moving forward with a cord-cutting TV service.

Tablet TV is a service that allows for customers to receive free over-the-air TV on their tablets, smartphones and computers. All the customer needs is an iPad/Android tablet and an antenna device costing less than $100. A customer does not need a Wi-Fi or cellular connection and there is no subscription fee.

At the moment, Tablet TV is being deployed in San Francisco although they expect to expand the service to other cities in the near future.

Of course, if this service becomes popular, there will likely be legal challenges.

If Tablet TV can prove that the technology is reliable, easy to use and cheaper than subscription TV, it could lead to “a little bit of a renaissance in over-the-air television,” said analyst Brett Sappington of the Dallas research firm Parks Associates. – SFGate

Tablet TV uses a device called a T-Pod, which is a palm-size digital TV antenna, tuner and digital recorder. The T-Pod will be rechargeable and have the ability to capture over-the-air digital TV signals and re-transmit them to tablets if within 100 feet of the tablet. The app includes a program guide and chat service, and users change channels with a simple swipe.