Adobe Revel has just announced its availability in the Android Market. With this, users are now able to access their Android’s photo library anytime they need to.

If you are new to Adobe Revel, you will find that it is actually a photography solution which will give you access to your photo library using any Apple device and Android smartphone. Through Revel Importer, users get to import their photos directly to their own account. Unfortunately, this is still not available as a full version of Revel for Android. Instead, subscribers simply have a quick and easy way of importing their stored photos from their Android device into their account in Adobe Revel.

 “Revel Importer allows you to easily add photos stored on your Android phone into your Revel photo library,” Chris Quek said on a blog post as a member of the Adobe Revel team. “The app also automatically imports new photos, so you can snap a shot with your Android phone and it will instantly appear in Revel.”

Apart from offering instant sharing of photos, Revel is the only photography solution which provides a way to make photos look great through the same processing engine being used in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. You can download Adobe Revel Importer for free from the Android Market. The subscription, on the other hand, can be chosen as either paid or trial. Paid subscriptions cost $59.99 a year. The app is available on Android devices which run on OS 2.2 or higher.

Christine Torralba
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