If you’re looking to venture beyond using the filters that Instagram has to offer, you’ll be thrilled to hear that Photoshop Touch, Adobe’s photo editing app that was released for Android tablets back in November 2011, is now also available for smartphones.

Unlike the tablet version, the smartphone-enhanced Photoshop Touch is priced at $4.99. While it’s $5 cheaper, you’ll get the same rich features and functions, such as layers, selection tools, filters, adjustments, painting effects, filter brushes, and so much more.

For beginners, Adobe has included several step-by-step interactive tutorials to help create some dazzling effects like a pro. You’ll also get a free 2GB cloud storage on Creative Cloud, which allows you to store and sync projects between Android devices — and even your PC or Mac. It’s worth to note that the app only supports images of up to 12MP in size.

Can’t wait to flex your creative muscle? Hit the Google Play link below to grab a copy of Adobe Photoshop Touch for your phone.

Bams Sadewo
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