Adobe has revealed some of the details regarding Flash 10 support for Android and the information is not very promising for those who purchased an Android device with older hardware or software. According to Adobe, an Android device must have both Android 2.1 and an ARM v7 (Cortex) processor which includes the Qualcomm Snapdragon and the TI OMAP3 processors. These requirements disqualify many current handsets including the G1/Dream, which ironically was used to showcase Flash on Android in 2008, the Magic/myTouch 3g, the Hero/DROID Eris, the Samsung Moment, the Samsung Behold II, and more. The showcase devices being promoted by Adobe for their Flash 10 support currently include the Motorola DROID and the Google Nexus One, though other handsets that meet the minimum requirements above will also support Flash 10 when it is released. Adobe is expected to rollout Flash 10 to Android devices before the middle of the year so folks with older handsets have a few more months to decide if the purchase price of newer hardware is worth the Flash experience.

[via PhoneArena]