android flashToday Adobe announced that it plans on releasing developer versions and, later,  open beta versions of its Flash Player 10.1 for Windows Mobile and Palm webOS smartphones by the end of this year, but that Android won’t even get a beta until sometime next year – 2010.

That’s a far cry from what we heard from the company in June, which led folks to believe that we’d see the Open Screen Project’s Flash 10 player for smartphones, including Android, this month.  Heck, now it is saying that it won’t be until next year when Android gets even a beta version of Flash 10.1 (I don’t know what happened to Flash 10.0 on smartphones, either).

This is going to really annoy many people.  Except, of course, HTC Hero users, who already enjoy good Flash support on their phones.

Adobe also announced that Google and Research In Motion have joined the Open Screen Project.