Still looking for the ultimate editing tool for your Android device so that you can use it to paint yourself your very own Mona Lisa? Adobe Creative Cloud and its merry band of Adobe Touch Apps is yours to play with.

Let’s take a closer look at what this suite of applications can do to help you unleash your creativity.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Creative Cloud just entered beta phase recently and promises to be an extended branch of Adobe’s intensive line of design products that perfectly caters to tablet users and designers alike. Creative Cloud may not have the syncing capabilities found in Adobe Carousel or Apple’s cloud servers, but the service manages to strike a chord with its richly innovative content creation software that benefits many designers in their fields.

At first glance, the service offers a great staging area to start crafting your creations. There’s a direct upload and download feature with the use of an Adobe Touch app and a simple-to-use Web UI for desktop use. Users can play with the web interface that gives them the ability to furnish Adobe file formats on the go, tinker with Photoshop layers, and even generate Kuler color themes extracted from images captured.

Not as sophisticated as Adobe Photoshop, the service can’t display any more information for a file like image dimensions or EXIF info, aside from the basic sharing, emailing and adding of comments.

Subscribers of the service are treated to a 20-GB storage space that is included with the app you use. The only catch is that no matter how many Adobe Touch Apps you have purchased, you are still limited to 20 GB of storage space. However, you don’t need to buy an app just to use the Creative Cloud service, as registration is free of charge.

Get your thinking caps ready as we take a closer look at the many Adobe Touch Apps in store for you.

Adobe Ideas

Ideally for creative hands, Adobe Ideas gives you relative ease in accessing your creative works on your tablet without you having to sync and email larger files to get started on your work. Typically a vector sketching tool, Adobe Ideas won’t disappoint you as long as you fancy straight lines and curves. Nevertheless, Adobe Ideas is perfect for sketching basic shapes of cats to sophisticated pieces of pencil shaded comics.

Adobe Kuler

The Adobe Kuler app is virtually the extension of Adobe’s Kuler service that allows users to mix and match color themes to inspire creative projects. Explore the numerous theme creation tools that let you create colorful themes using the powerful tools embedded, like the color sliders and color wheel. Found a picture you like but don’t know what hexadecimal code the color has? The built-In Color Theme extractor can narrow down the picture color even to the minutest detail.

Adobe Collage

Living up to its name, Adobe Collage lets users take various random images and gives them the freedom to craft a collage in what is called a mood board. Combining inspiration elements such as pictures, texts, and files, you can create modern conceptual designs as if you’re making your own scrapbook. Since Adobe Collage is Photoshop-compatible, you can gain access to your mood board with the aid of Adobe Creative Cloud for further tweaks and refinement.

Adobe Photoshop Touch

Relatively the same concept as its older desktop brother, Adobe Photoshop Touch lets users edit images and apply professional effects to their creations with a simple touch. Work with Photoshop tools in the palm of your hands through this miniaturized version of Adobe Photoshop.

Designed for tablet use, Adobe Photoshop Touch packs core features that include layer selection, scribble, image enhancements, and filters, just to name a few. Share your creations through Facebook and let your friends comment about your design that is all neatly displayed in Adobe Photoshop Touch’s interface.

Adobe Proto

Adobe’s take on website dummies have taken flight in the Adobe Proto app. Web developers will now be able to plan interactive websites by using wireframes and mobile apps right on an Android tablet. Easy for creating mobile apps and website prototypes, the app features tools for creating eye-candy websites. Build interactive models using the CSS grid system or try the more free-form approach starting with a blank sheet. Helpful tools such as the Component toolbox that offers menus, tabs, accordions, and panels can greatly shorten your time in creating website layouts.

Adobe Debut

One great way of sharing your beautifully rendered masterpieces is through the Adobe Debut application. Specifically designed for presenting files to clients, users can highlight certain areas of the presentation using the pencil tool onboard, and you’re all ready to present. Or, you could try the Creative Suite designs you have already stored in your Adobe Creative Cloud account.

Creativity to the Max

If you’re a designer, web developer, or simply a hobbyist who loves to draw on your tablet, then Adobe Touch Apps might just be the right choice for you. Complimenting the Adobe Creative Cloud service, it’s the ultimate designing tool for Android devices right now.

Paul Nuñal

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