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Adobe confirms Android 4.1 won't get Flash, and it's also pulling the Flash app on August 15th

June 29, 2012

It seems this is the end of the road for Flash on mobile devices. Adobe tried their best to bring Flash to the mobile world, to both Android and iOS, but we all know what Steve Jobs thought about Flash, so that was never going to become a reality. Flash, even today, has poor performance on mobile devices, unless you own at least a dual core smartphone. With the world moving on to h.264/HTML5 video, there is less and less reason for Adobe to continue to pour resources into developing Flash for mobile/Android.

Both Adobe and Google have said last year that Android 4.0 is the last version to support Flash, and Google also said Chrome wasn’t going to support it when they launched the beta version earlier this year. Adobe is announcing again that they won’t support Android 4.1 going forward, in either browser, so don’t think you’ll be able to use it in Firefox or something.

If you want to continue to use Flash, you’ll have to use only an Android 4.0 or earlier device that comes with Flash pre-installed, or alternatively, you’ll have to install it by August 15th, because that’s when Adobe will also pull the Flash app from the Play Store, and you won’t be able to get it from the store from that date forward. Hopefully now that Flash is gone from the mobile world forever, we’ll see sites adopt HTML5 video at an accelerated rate, because otherwise their viewers won’t be able to view videos on mobiles.