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Are you addicted to your phone? Just how far does the addiction go?

A new survey highlights how addicted most of us are to our phones. So how addicted are you? Check out the survey and join in our own in-house poll.
July 1, 2014
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During Google I/O 2014 Sundar Pichai revealed some interesting stats about us Android users, namely that Android phone users take a combined 93 million selfies a day, and that they pull out their phone 100 billion times a day. Looking at things from a more individual’ approach, the average user is said to check their phone as much as a 100 times a day.

Bottom-line, we’re addicted to our phones. There’s even a recent survey conducted by Motorola Mobility and B2X Care Solutions that further highlight just how addicted we are. Polling more than 500 U.S.-based smartphone and tablet users, it was determined that 74% keep their phones within reach throughout the entire day and that 60% even sleep with there phone. Not surprising, it is said that the number increases to 84% for the 18-29 year old demographic. While some of these folks at least turn off the sound while they sleep, 53% of those polled kept sound on.

As for what we’re doing with our phones? The poll says 86% of Americans use their phone primarily for test messaging and that 20% of people aged 16-20 spend more than five hours a day on their phone. Obviously the survey is limited in scope due to only polling around 500 U.S. users, but it still gives us a pretty solid idea of how we are using our phones and how often.

Now it’s your turn to weigh in. Can you live without your phone, or is it constantly attached to your hip? How far would you go to keep yourself connected to the mobile world?

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So how addicted are you, do you like to shut off your phone every once in a while and take a fresh breath of air or does the idea of no cellular or WiFi access make you extremely anxious? Tell us about your addiction in the comments!