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Addappt - Indie app of the day

Today's indie app of the day is addappt. This is the contact-management app you have always wanted. You get your friends to use it and you never have to update contacts again. Check it out!
June 2, 2014

What is addappt?

Smartphones have revolutionized how we use the cell phone. What was once a fun little thing we kept in our pockets that got bad

indie app of the day
reception everywhere has turned into a game playing, battery draining, socializing, HD-video-watching super machine. They’ve changed how we do pretty much everything. One of the few exceptions being how we manage contacts. Your address book is pretty much the same as it has always been with the notable exception of syncing to social media. A new app on Android called addappt may be changing that.

Here’s how the app works. On the face, it looks like your ordinary contacts replacement app. It’ll sync your current address book and show you all of your ordinary contacts. It’s once you start using it the way it is supposed to be used and getting others to use it that way that things become interesting.

When you add someone to addappt using the app’s built in system, you no longer have to worry about their contact information. If they move, change phone numbers, their email address, or anything else, they simply update it in addappt. The change will then sync to everyone that the person is connected to.

Let’s say you and I were connected on addappt. If I got a new phone number and updated my information in the application. That change would sync to your device (and everyone else I’m connected to). Thus you would automatically have my new contact information without my having to give it to you again or you having to request it.

This has the potential to change how we think about contacts. Usually when a phone gets broken, contacts get lost, or information gets changed, people have to go through the painstaking process of reaching out to all the important people, posting their new details on Facebook via the now-infamous “inbox me to get my new number”, and all sorts of other tedious methods. With addappt, once everyone is connected, you just sign into the app and all of your contacts will sync. You update your details and they get your new information. No more tedious emails.

The app itself is fairly well designed and it’s worth noting that it’s pretty much the same design across platforms. So iOS users and Android users all have invariably the same experience with the same set up which is actually something we quite liked. There are buttons on contact cards that let you call, message, or email them. You can also see quite a bit of info such as email, phone number, address, events (such as birthdays), websites, GPS location, and even personal stuff like family members. Each user can determine how much of their information is shown.

addappt review
Overall, addappt has a lot of potential. How well it works for you depends on how many other people you can convince to use it. Alone, it’s a very capable contacts replacement app but in the event that you can get your contacts to use it as well, it can become a lot more than that. It’s free in the Google Play Store and definitely worth checking out using the button below.
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