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Adaptxt Tablet Beta hits Play Store, promises to take the pain out of tablet typing

July 3, 2012
adaptxt tablet beta

Update: Adaptxt reached out to us to inform us that there’s was a temporary manifest problem on Google Play that prevented some tablet users from installing the app on their devices. The problem has been fixed now.

I am sure there are many folks out there that love to type on tablets and are actually pretty good at it. For me though, tactile feedback is essential, so I’ve always felt there is something lacking from the experience of entering text on Android tablets. With that being said, at least until shape-shifting touchscreens become mainstream, we can make our lives easier by using one of the smart keyboard apps available on the market.

Last month, we’ve reviewed Adaptxt for Android smartphones, and we were impressed by the app’s wealth of features, support for international users, and ease of use. Developed by KeyPoint Technologies, Adaptxt holds its own very well against better known competitors, such as Swiftkey or Swype.

Today, KeyPoint released their Adaptxt Tablet Beta app on Google Play, designed specifically for Android slates of all shapes and sizes. Don’t let the Beta tag mislead you, though – Adaptxt for Android tablets is a stable, polished app, which, as its smartphones counterpart, provides a feature-rich and intuitive experience.

Of course, Adaptxt Tablet Beta is more than just a blown-up version of the smartphone keyboard app. First off, the tablet app comes with support for both the classic layout and the split keyboard layout. Many people like thumb-typing on split keyboards, especially on smaller tabs, like the newly unveiled Nexus 7 or the Galaxy Tab 2 7. Switching between the two layouts is relatively easy, which is great when you get tired of holding the tablet in a specific position.

Adaptxt Tablet Beta makes good use of all the extra space provided by tablets, but the keys and the UI doesn’t feel overcrowded. The suggestion bar (where suggested words show up) can be displayed either above or below the keys rows. It’s all a matter of personal preferences, I think, but it’s good that the apps developers paid attentions to little details like that.

Another nice touch is the inclusion of a handwriting feature, which is currently experimental, but seems to work reasonably well nevertheless. Basically, you’ll have an area to scribble, for the moments when writing is, for some reason, more convenient than key pressing.

adaptxt tablet split keyboard

If you used Adaptxt for Android smartphones before, you’ll find that all its cool features have made their way to the tablet version. One of the things we like the most at Adaptxt is the support for a multitude of languages, and beyond that, the support for specific industries, such as IT, medical, legal, or finance. Another feature that can potentially save you a lot of time is the automatic text replacement (ATR), which lets you define shortcuts for phrases that you use a lot.


All in all, Adaptxt for Android tablets is a smart keyboard app that totally deserves your attention. You’ll get a slew of cool features and benefit from the accurate word prediction engine, which is pretty much the most important part of any smart keyboard application.

Best of all, Adaptxt Tablet Beta is available for free on the Play Store, but, if for some reason, you can’t access Google’s app market, you can also get it from Amazon’s Appstore or from Getjar.

Which keyboard app do you use on your Android tablet? Let us know in the comments section below.