After experiencing a delay of a couple of weeks, the Zenonia 5: Wheel of Destiny game for Android is finally available in the Google Play Store as a free download.

Zenonia 5, the fifth installment in Gamevil’s action RPG game series, follows a simple story line: a hero arises from the ruins of a slum village at a time when the rich begin to exploit the poor and darkness takes over the whole kingdom. Now it’s up to the hero to restore the goodness in his era and free the poor from the evil. There are four different heroes to choose from: Berserker, Mechanic, Wizard, and Paladin, with each having unique powers and special moves.

Zenonia 5 has on screen D-Pad controls which can be used to navigate and fire weapons. Users can customize, level up, and equip their characters with skill charts and more. The game lets the gamers explore numerous challenging side quests and adventures and reap the rewards by discovering rare and legendary items! Moreover, players can fight in a global PvP environment with other players from various regions.

Did you download Zenonia 5 already? What do you think of the game?

Varun Raj
Varun loves to play with new technology as his bread and butter. He has been advising telecom, media and entertainment companies for more than over 4 years. He currently works at a large consulting organization in Silicon Valley amidst all the action. He has been following Android since it first launched and loves to play around with it in his free time.