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Among a host of similar apps, Chris Lacy’s Action Launcher stands out as a launcher that actually brings innovative functionality to the table, not just a collection of customization options.

The app just received a major update that brings Android 4.4 support (including support for transparent nav and status bars), a slew of new customization options, and the ability to use the Quickdrawer and Quickpage features from any app, including from other launchers.

Here’s Chris Lacy himself explaining the highlight features of the update on video:

And here are the new features (check the full changelog here for improvements and bug fixes):

  • Quickpage (beta) – a fully featured home screen accessed by swiping from the right screen edge.
  • 1-Swipe (beta) – access the Quickdrawer or Quickpage from anywhere, whether you’re running Action Launcher or not.
  • Android 4.4 support.
  • Translucent status bar and navigation bar (requires Android 4.4).
  • Add option to select between the transparent action bar, clear action bar, stock search bar or nothing.
  • Add option to specify Portrait, Landscape or Auto-rotate screen orientation.
  • Add Activity picker shortcut.
  • Rewrote icon scaling. No longer do icons appear smaller than they should when using a larger grid size.
  • Update look and feel of highlights, glows and UI elements to match Android 4.4 (all devices).
  • Add option to use Android 4.4’s ‘dots’ style dock separator.
  • Use Android 4.4’s new All Apps button and Settings theme.
  • Use Android 4.4 themed image highlights for the current Quickdrawer tab and Home screen page.
  • Add “Alternative wallpaper height” Labs setting for people running Android 4.3 or earlier.
  • If a shortcut for an app is not installed, flash an interactive toast message allowing the user to jump to the Play Store to install the app. Useful for people restoring an SD card backup on a device that does not have the app installed on it.
  • Layouts can be imported from Google Home.
  • Add FAQ to Help menu.
  • Add “Use full screen height” option to “Screen padding” setting. If enabled, do not adjust the usable screen size for the translucent navigation bar height (requires Android 4.4).

In addition to the many new features, tweaks, and bug fixes, Lacy added a free version of Action Launcher, that gives you a taste of what the app is all about. The Pro version regularly goes for $3.99, but is on sale for $1.99 until next Tuesday. Action Launcher Pro offers more customization options compared to the free version, including scalable icons, icon packs, the ability to hide apps from the Quickdrawer, and future access to more features, including unread/notifications counts.

To install or update Action Launcher on your Android device, head over to the free and paid version in the Play Store.

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