If you like to install custom launchers on your Android device then you will definitely appreciate one such new app called Action Launcher Pro. Available now in the Play Store, the Action Launcher Pro is developed by the creator of the Tweet Lanes app, Chris Lacy. Designed to “get you where you need to go, faster” this launcher app puts an action bar on top of the homescreen that stays there all the time.

The UI and color scheme used for this app falls in line with original Android 4.2 ROM’s design. In addition to the action bar, the launcher app also features a sliding app drawer, which lets you access the apps installed on the device. This launcher, just like any other launcher app makes it easier and faster to launch apps saving both time and energy.

Action Launcher Pro has a unique feature called “Covers”. What this feature does is to create a folder on any app’s icon, which can be accessed by tapping on its icon twice. So if you have created a cover for say, the Phone app then on single tap the Phone app will be opened but on double tap a folder will appear with apps you have added to it. To highlight the covers, Action Launcher Pro shows a translucent square on one side of it.

While there are several other launcher apps available in the Play Store for Android, Action Launcher Pro certainly brings something new to the table. It is a nice addition to Android’s homescreen especially if you are looking for a good app launcher for your device.

Action Launcher Pro for Android is available in the Play Store for $3.99.

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