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aCheckin: A social network for games and gamers

June 29, 2012

If you’re looking for something to keep your hands busy during those dull moments in the day, browsing pages upon pages of games in the Google Play Store can be very overwhelming. Which ones could best suit you and keep you entertained for hours? Playing the games yourself could answer your question but playing every one of them is an impossible task.

The best way to find the game for you is to be part of a gaming community where everyone shares what games they are playing. aCheckin is an app that lets you do just that, keeping you abreast of all the latest and hottest games so you’ll never be left behind.

You may have observed that in Facebook there is a ticker showing what sort of games your friends are playing. aCheckin works similarly, except that it’s been compressed into a gaming social network app just for avid and serious gamers. Through aCheckin you can check out what their favorite games are, get game recommendations, earn badges, and more. All you need to do is authorize the app to access your Facebook account to enjoy its features.

Using aCheckin

aCheckin has a very neat interface that features a fairly limited number of buttons to use, though effective enough to give you ample information on what games you need to check out.

Upon launch, the app’s homescreen shows you what games your friends have been recently playing. Tapping the Friends button at the top will narrow down the featured games to the ones played by your Facebook friends while switching to the Global option shows you what games gamers across the globe are immersed in.

The app also lets you find which users have been checking into games more often via the current badge status displayed alongside their avatar. Tapping on the avatar of a particular user lets you send a friend request to that user, as well as view the games that user has recently played through her/his check-in stats.

Want to be updated on the latest games? Just tap the game button below and you will find four buttons. Just tap on the respective buttons to find what you are looking for in a flash.

You can either find fresh games through the Trending and Hot option, peek into the suggested games through the Suggested button or see what your friends are playing by tapping on Friends. Also, alongside every game, you will find relevant stats that can help you determine how famous a game is, making it easy for you to decide whether to check in or not.

Show how much of a gamer you really are by checking in games and obtaining badges in the app. Checking in games more often helps the app determine what type of games you are into, making it more accurate and more effective in finding games that you might like.

If you play games on your Android device often, aCheckin really is a wonderful app, allowing you to find friends with the same interests as you. The best thing about it is that it’s free to download so you can check in all you want. You can download aCheckin from the Google Play Store.

What kind of games do you want to find with aCheckin?