In an era when five million people rush out to buy a very pricey iPhone 5 in the phone’s opening weekend, you might start to think that there’s no place left for lower end mobile devices.

However, there are still a couple of Android manufacturers that seem to keep focused on that niche, releasing gadget after gadget and lowering the price bar by the day. One such company is Acer, whose latest low-end effort has been spotted online and could actually break some records in terms of affordability.

The Z110 doesn’t have any official pricing and availability details attached to its name, but according to rumors from, it could start selling in December in select Asian and European countries for as little as… €100.

We don’t exactly know how trustworthy that rumor is, but if it does prove to be accurate and if that price will be for the unlocked SIM-free version of the phone, as we suspect, Acer will redefine the term “dirt cheap”.

The best thing is that, while the Z110 is anything but a powerhouse, it does have a couple of appealing features. The little guy runs Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich for starters, which is not too shabby for its price range, while the dual SIM support is a rather popular feature in Asia and Europe.

The single-core 1 GHz MediaTek MT6516 processor is far from impressive, but we’ve definitely seen worse, while the 256 MB of RAM seem like one of the biggest downsides of the phone. The 3.5-inch display comes with a modest, but not horrific 480 x 320 pixels resolution, and you also get microSD support and 3G connectivity.

We know nothing about additional connectivity options, battery capacity, the resolution of the rear-facing camera, or the on-board storage, but it’s pretty obvious that there’s not much to look for in those departments.

As far as the design goes, the 3.5-incher is again mediocre, but not horrible. The Z110 does look a bit bulky and those round corners a tad outdated, but other than that this is no ugly phone.

So, how about it folks? Do you think it’s possible for a smartphone with Ice Cream Sandwich to sell for just €100? Would you go for it if it does?