Acer smartphones

What do you think of when you hear the brand name Acer? Odds are that laptops and tablets are the first products that come to mind. They have a small presence in the smartphone world, but they certainly have room to grow.

Acer hopes to change all of that. The company plans to strengthen its place in the phone market with six new devices. These new phones will launch in 2013, targeting Europe, China and Southeast Asia.

Out of the six models, five will be based on the Android platform. Unsurprisingly, the sixth model will run on the upcoming Windows Phone 8 operating system. All the higher-end models will run on dual-core Qualcomm processors. The entry-level models, on the other hand, will utilize single-core chipsets from MediaTek.

Some might find it surprising that Acer is working at all on WP8. Acer had extreme displeasure with Microsoft’s plans to enter into the hardware market with Microsoft Surface. Despite Acer’s displeasure in Microsoft’s recent decision to get into hardware, the company has apparently decided that WP8 is too big of an opportunity to avoid altogether.

Outside of plans to expand smartphone offerings in 2013, the company has also recently released several new smartphones. In Europe, the CloudMobile S500 became the flagship cloud computing-enabled device from the company. Then we also have the Liquid Galant and Liquid Glow for the entry-level and midrange markets.

It remains unseen whether or not this new push will help Acer jump ahead in the smartphone market. Right now, Samsung leads the pack in the Android world. With Samsung’s recent legal troubles versus Apple, perhaps Acer feels now is the perfect time to expand its smartphone presence. The bad publicity that Samsung has received might give Acer the room it needs to sneak its way into a larger spot in the smartphone market.