Sliding tablet PCs seem to be all the rage now. Fujitsu and ASUS have recently announced plans for theirs. And here is a little report from Acer that they are planning to launch their own Android-based slider tablet in the fourth quarter of 2011, – right in time for the holiday season, a crowd-pleasing time to release what is probably going to be a popular electronics product.

Here’s what we know of the upcoming product: Acer will be adopting a 10-inch screen for their slide tablet. The ARM-based CPU that the device will be using will come from Compal Electronics. Compal has been pretty mum on any news about upcoming orders from Acer. It’s also interesting to note that Acer is still in the middle of clearing its notebook inventory and will probably be low-balling the estimate of how many of these slide tablet PCs need to be produced.

Right now, the computing giant has significantly reduced their tablet PC shipment forecast for the year. Early in the year they had expected a boom market environment and pegged the 2011 sales would reach five to seven million units. More conservative numbers have been mentioned recently, with the company aiming for a more reachable two to three million units shipped as the target. This is mostly because of the overpowering influence of Apple’s iPad and the increasing competition from other Android-based tablets. Still, Acer is still willing to break into the market with more risky propositions like the slide tablet PC, then it may overshoot that three million unit estimate.

Source: Digitimes