Though Acer has been in the market for ages, it hasn’t had that one huge Android hit. The Iconia B1, its budget tablet, seems to be the company’s best chance of reversing its fortune, what with the Taiwanese hinting last month that it will release more affordable tablets to accompany the enthusiastically received B1.

In addition to smartphones and tabs, Acer is also planning to add phablets to its Android lineup, which it will reportedly introduce at the upcoming Computex Taipei, the world’s second biggest computer expo, this June.

What exactly lured Acer to the not-so forbidden phablet tree? According to Acer corporate president Jim Wong, the phablet market is expected to grow to 10 million units in 2013, roughly a 25% increase from the previous year. Acer is hoping to get in on the action with its own offering.

The specs are still a big mystery for now, but Wong said that Acer will focus on the device’s size, camera, software, and most importantly — its price. With most enlarged smartphones being offered for $399 – $499,  Acer thinks that customers are more likely to open their wallets for a device that costs around $299. This could be an indication that Acer is trying to make a splash with an affordable phablet, but that’s just speculation at this point.

It’s too early to tell whether Acer will hit the jackpot, but if it can hit the sweet spot of specs and price, it might just have a winner on its hands. Are you interested in seeing what Acer has to offer?

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