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Acer formally launches Intel-based Liquid C1 and two other smartphones in SE Asia

Today, Acer launched Liquid C1 smartphone in yet another Southeast Asian country, along with the Liquid E1 and Liquid Z2.
March 18, 2013
Acer Let's Play Together
Today, Acer held an exclusive summer-themed launch party to mark the arrival of the Liquid C1 smartphone in yet another Southeast Asian country. It is touted as the very first Intel-based Android smartphone in the Philippines and will go on sale starting April of this year alongside two other models, the Acer Liquid E1 and the Liquid Z2.

Acer Liquid C1
The Acer Liquid C1 is the product of a collaboration between Acer and Intel. Unlike most other Android smartphones on the market nowadays, it uses an Atom chip with Hyper Threading tech for processing duties — An Intel Atom Z2420 clocked at 1.2GHz, to be precise — and features a 4.3-inch IPS touchscreen display, 1GB RAM, and an 8-megapixel rear-facing camera. It also offers enhanced audio with DTS sound, uses a 2,000mAh battery, and comes with support for 3G data. It will be released some time next month for 12,490 Pesos or just a little over $300.

Acer Liquid E1 and Liquid Z2
Acer also took the time to formally launch a couple of other Android smartphones today, namely the Liquid E1 and the Liquid Z2. Both the handsets were first showcased last month at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

Both the Liquid E1 and Liquid Z2 are aimed towards different sides of the market. As such, they each have a different set of features. While they do have a number of things in common, such as dual SIM card support and having Android 4.1 Jelly Bean as the default operating system, their similarities stop there.

The Acer Liquid E1 is equipped with a 4.5-inch qHD IPS touchscreen display, comes with 1GB RAM, 4GB internal storage, and has a 5-megapixel camera with Burst Mode option. It uses an interesting dual-speaker design and has at least one unique software feature in the form of “Float Caller” which according to Acer makes a pop-up notification for calls when users are using the screen for something else — like watching a movie, playing a game, and so on.

Meanwhile, the Acer Liquid Z2 has only entry-level specs. It has a 3.5-inch screen, a 1GHz processor, 512MB RAM, and 4GB internal storage. It also has a unique software feature of its own, called “Quick Mode” which basically turns the user-interface into an even more user-friendly one. Acer officially described it as a “feature phone emulator.”

Both the Acer Liquid E1 and Liquid Z2 will become available starting April as well, priced at 10,990 Pesos ($270) and 4,990 Pesos ($122), respectively.