It’s been a rather slow start for the Jelly Bean update wave for all major Android manufacturers, but several of the big players seem to finally start getting cracking. Things seem particularly promising for 10-inch tablets, seeing as the Asus Transformer Prime has been updated to Android 4.1 yesterday, while the Infinity will be getting JB next week.

Now another 10-incher looks ready to be joining this exclusive club, even though we haven’t heard anything official on the matter yet. Acer is very secretive on the timeframe of the Iconia Tab A700 Jelly Bean upgrade, although several XDA forum members are reporting they’re already enjoying the new buttery smooth OS.

The update is not coming as the surprise of the century, seeing as Acer announced ever since late July that Jelly Bean will roll out to “several tablets soon”, but it’s still unusual to see a tech company get from words to actions in such a straightforward fashion.

That said, you shouldn’t be doing the JB celebratory dance just yet (oppa Jelly Bean style), because there’s a good shot this is only a Europe-bound update. The only A700 users reporting to have gotten Android 4.1 own German or Dutch versions of the tab, so other regions might be left hanging for the time being.

There are also a couple of fellows who’ve encountered issues with the installation and have been unable to go through with it, so caution is advised for anyone getting an automatic prompt message for an OTA update.

As for the few users who’ve managed to install Jelly Bean on their A700s, they are mostly saying good things, as expected. The 332 MB upgrade brings noticeable performance bumps, a slightly tweaked and smoother UI, browser improvements, more photography features, as well as loads of fixes to bugs that plagued the user experience on the 10-incher until now.

All in all, Acer seems to be stepping up its Android game significantly, with two of the company’s tablets now running Jelly Bean, while others are still “working on updates”.

Is there anyone tuning in that has received the Android 4.1 update on the Acer Iconia Tab A700? If so, please tell us where do you live, how did the installation go, and what are the most noticeable changes to your tabs’ software.

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