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Acer Extend transforms your phone into a laptop

Acer has now unveiled a new concept product, the Acer Extend. Essentially this new device takes your smartphone and turns it into a laptop, akin to the Motorola lapdock of years gone by.
September 3, 2013

As mobile devices continue to evolve, manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to bridge the gap between the phone, tablet and even the workstation. This has led to the creation of some pretty unique products such as the PadFone series and the upcoming Migoal Transmaker.

Not wanting to be left out in the dark, Acer has now unveiled its Extend prototype just in time for IFA. What we see in the photo below is a device that is reminiscent of the Motorola Lapdock of years gone by.

Like the lapdock, it has no processor, storage or any other major components and is simply designed to work using a connected smartphone’s hardware. Unlike the lapdock, the Acer Extend’s prototype doesn’t actually have a docking slot for the phone and – in its current form – uses an MHL cable to connect (using a modified Liquid E2 smartphone).

The laptop shell might not have any real internals, but it does have a full-sized keyboard, touchpad and a 6,000 mAh battery. There is no word on the actual laptop’s resolution just yet, and it’s also worth mentioning the display is not a touchscreen.


Utilizing keyboard shortcuts and other UI optimizations, the Acer Extend aims to makes your smartphone better suited for real productivity. When in laptop mode, apps are displayed in full-screen and make use of the tablet UI. Because your smartphone isn’t docked or latched in, you can also still use your phone as a game controller, with sound and video coming out of the laptop display.

The Acer Extend isn’t anything new or revolutionary, but it could have appeal to users that don’t need a full-powered laptop when on the go. When’s it coming? Acer says the Extend is currently just a concept device, though it could potentially launch as early as Q1 2014.