image_78Over at Gearlog, part of the PC Magazine family, Sascha Segan has received an informed update from Lance Ulanoff (editor-in-chief) reporting at the exclusive Acer event held in the Liberty Science Centre in Jersey City. Following Lance’s Twitter, he reports that Acer have actually experimented with Android on the Desktop computer. In fact, they allegedly have a working prototype, but it isn’t quite ready.

“Acer says Android has a chance on desktop, adding they already have a prototype. But not quite ready.”

Ready for what? Mass consumption by those left in the void between Windows, Ubuntu and MAC? We’re not sure either. However, it is certainly an interesting concept but it is safe to say this may be somewhat premature. Android is hardly available on mobile phones at the moment, let alone Laptops and certainly not Desktops. In its current state, it is unclear as to whether or not Android offers the productivity tools that Desktop users expect from their OS. Unless Google expect us to live online and use Google Documents to edit all of our work from now on, we can’t see how Android would work on a Desktop in its current form. But, as always with these things, we love to be told otherwise. The computing cloud is a fantastical idea in theory, just show us the goods!

In more down to earth news, when Acer was pressed (like we did to them back in London earlier this year) about Android Smartphones, they had nothing new to show or say. This event at the Liberty Science Centre was for PCs, and Acer would not be drawn from their path.

James Tromans
Contributing editor of, based in the U.K.