Acer C720 Chromebook (7)

The Acer C720 stands as one of the best affordable Chromebooks around. The device can go for as low as $200, but who says the popular low-end computer also can’t be one of the most powerful around? That is what the Acer C720 has become with the newest upgraded models.

Two new Acer C720 Chromebooks have been introduced, both carrying a powerful Intel Core i3 Haswell processor clocked at 1.7GHz and a 32 GB SSD. Design and other specs will stay the same, including that 11.6-inch 1366x768p display and the ports we have seen in all the C720 models.


The only difference between both iterations will be the amount of RAM memory they carry. The Acer C720-3871 will cost $349 and will feature 2 GB of RAM. The Acer C720-3404 doubles the RAM to 4 GB and will cost $379.

We had previously heard of this device, when Intel and Google announced a partnership to bring better processors to Chromebooks. This combination can make little sense considering Chrome OS is such a light operating system. It is simple and fast, leaving no need for much processing power, but there is definitely demand from those who need more.

Chromebooks tend to carry inferior processors. These usually include Intel Celeron and Exynos chips (which are made for smartphones and tablets). We are certainly glad to see this changing, especially considering Chrome OS is expected grow even further. The Chromebook Pixel can’t be the only one around with a powerful processor, right?

For starters, we know many of you like to run Ubunutu, in which case you will really enjoy that i3 processor. Maybe you run very powerful (and/or multiple) web apps often. Regardless of your situation, Chromebooks could definitely use a stronger push sometimes. There is a plethora of reports and complains on older Chromebooks for a reason.

Release dates are still unclear, but you can now pre-order the $349 Acer C720 from Amazon. Who is signing up for one? I am personally waiting for an improved Acer C720P.

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