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Google continues to work with third-party hardware companies to introduce new Chromebooks for the growing education market. Today, it announced two new additions, the Acer Chromebook Spin 11 and the ASUS Chromebook C213, both of which are 2-in-1 convertible devices with touchscreen displays.

In a blog post, Google said it has been working with both companies, along with educators, to add a number of requested features in these two Chromebooks, along with others that will be launched later this year. One addition is USB Type-C charging support so that the Chromebooks can quickly charge other devices. Another is a camera that is placed on the keyboard side, so that when the Chromebook’s 360-degree display is flipped, the camera will face outward.

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Finally, Google says that both the new Acer and ASUS Chromebooks will come with their own stylus. The company says they will look very much like a standard pencil, complete with an eraser for correcting mistakes. Both of the Chromebooks will use a input prediction model that was developed from Google’s machine learning technology. This will help the stylus to be more responsive when it is used on a Chromebook touchscreen. In addition, the stylus can be used with any apps, such as Google Keep, that use Optical Character Recognition to help search for any handwritten notes or pages.

So far, Google has not announced any specific hardware specs or pricing for the new Acer and ASUS Chromebooks, but since they are both targeting schools, we would imagine they would be pretty inexpensive. With Google now also confirming that all of the new Chromebooks due in 2017 will also be able to run Android apps as well, these two new models could become very popular when they go on sale. Both could be especially big hits among school systems who might be looking for alternatives to using Windows 10 notebooks or Apple’s iPad lineup of tablets.