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Ace Tales - Indie app of the day

Today's indie app of the day is Ace Tales. On top of being a fun and addictive game, the developers use a portion of their ad revenue to donate to charity. Check it out!
April 12, 2014

What is Ace Tales?

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Ace Tales is a fun little time waster game where you play as a dog that flies an airplane. The premise is that it’s the old days and no one has flied the Atlantic Ocean yet. Ace the brave dog decides to undergo the task and the game consists of you helping him do it.

The game mechanics are fairly simple. Ace Tales features a 2D side-scroller style game play where you use single-finger controls. As you play you unlock different planes and planes seem to have their own set of controls. For instance, the first airplane you control by swiping up and down. The second airplane is a button that you hit to gain altitude and let go of to lose altitude. You use these controls to avoid obstacles, collect crystals and dog bones, and grab gas for your plane. It’s really very simple.

Where this game really shines is the extra stuff. You can unlock a myriad of things like extra planes, weapons, and various power ups. Included in this extra stuff is the donate feature. You can purchase these things via in-app purchases but pretty much everything is unlockable in the natural course of the game if you spend enough time collecting gems.

Perhaps the best part is the donate feature. In each level there are floating bones. You collect them and then “donate” them at the end of every game play. When enough people collectively donate enough bones, the developers make a donation to charity. The donations come from directly from their ad revenue so the more you play, the more bones you get, the more money you earn the developers, and the more money the developers give away to charity.

If there was ever a good reason to turn the ad-block off, this would be it and frankly giving to charity is a good enough reason to try this app out to see if you like it.

What is wrong with this game?

About the only problem we could find is a lack of compatibility with older devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Y. If you have an older device, chances are the game will glitch or not work entirely. Thankfully it’s a free game so there’s no harm done but with the simplistic game play and graphics, it’s a little unusual to see older devices not supported as well. Lastly, we would’ve liked to have seen some Google Play Games services. Ace Tales has a built-in achievement system and at this point it simply doesn’t make sense to not add Play Games achievements too.

ace tales review

Final thoughts

Overall, this is a fun game. It’s not The Walking Dead or Dead Trigger 2, but it does stack up well against things like Temple Run or Angry Birds. The game play mechanics are simple while the game itself is challenging. We found that the donations to charity swayed our opinion a little bit but if anything is going to sway opinions in an app review, it might as well be donating money to charities in need. The game is free to play and the in-app purchases are not bothersome. The worst case scenario is you try it and don’t like it. However, it’s a dog flying an airplane in the name of charity. Who can possibly hate that? You can try the game out using the button below.

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