It can be a pain having to try and scan documents from our mobile devices, as we normally have to connect to a PC or laptop first before we can actually scan the document itself. However, Tampa, Florida-based firm Accusoft is now hoping to cut out the middle man by launching its own scanning SDK for Android phones and tablets.

The USB Scanner Kit has a USB cable which connects a device directly to the scanner and then runs the software in any app. This then allows developers to follow a step-by-step process that will let them integrate scanning features directly into an app as either an update or the base feature. To make life easier for users looking to can content, the set-up is able to read all major file formats such as JPEG, PDF, TIFF and BMP.


With many apps running on different types of software and coding, Accusoft has tried to make the toolkit as versatile as possible to help developers. After all, the software supports Java coding which is a popular base code for producing apps. On top of that, the system can run on systems as old as Android 3.2 meaning that it should work with virtually every Android device from the past couple of years.

Whilst some of these external kits are just created with a bit of fun in mind, Accusoft’s set-up could also be beneficial in the professional world too. Aside from scanning photos, it could prove to be a useful way for businesses to transfer documents back to the office when out and about or when interacting with a client.

Anyone who is keen on testing the software is able to download a free trial of Accusoft’s USB Scanner from Google Play, an app that incorporates the USB scanning technology available in the USB Scanner SDK.

Andrew Roach
After spending years playing with a many gadgets as he can get his hands on, Andrew has spent the past 5 years writing about all the latest technological innovations from across the world. When he's not busy playing with all the latest apps from Google Play, Andrew will be found trying to find the next hottest gadget to take the world by storm.