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Deal: Pay what you want to become an accounting guru

This five-part Accounting Mastery Bootcamp bundle is worth $1,975, but you can pay as little as $1.
May 12, 2019
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Millions of businesses all have one thing in common: From the one-man-bands to the multinational corporations, they all need to balance the books to survive. Accounting is, therefore, possibly the most sought-after skill in the world.

Sure, you’re not going to get groupies as a bean counter, but you’ll probably get a hefty paycheck

The Accounting Mastery Bootcamp Bundle is a one-stop-shop for learning accountancy skills. It’s also a cheaper and quicker alternative to dropping thousands of dollars on formal education.

Thousands of accountancy roles become available every day.

Enclosed in this package are five online learning kits that contain over 42 hours of hands-on video instructions.

You’ll start with basic maths for business and how to ensure payroll works smoothly. As you get more confident you’ll delve into analyzing profit and loss, assets and liabilities, and much more.

The Accounting Mastery Bundle:

All together this bundle is valued at $1,975. Fortunately, with the ‘pay what you want‘ model, you’ll only be shelling out a few bucks for the entire thing.

That’s no exaggeration either. All you have to do is beat the average price of the bundle to get the lot. For example, the current average price is just $7. It’s no secret — you’ll see it on the deal page. Paying $8 or more would beat the average price, and the whole thing is yours.

Alternatively, if you enter a bid as low as $1, you’ll still end up with the Business Math 101 course — worth $395 on its own.

The average price is only heading north so get in while it’s super cheap. Hit that button below to find the deal.

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