Tablet User (Tablet Computer / Shutterstock)

You don’t need to get the crystal ball out to tell that tablets are getting popular by the day. But if you’re wondering just how big they will be in 2013, look no further than the latest report from market intelligence firm ABI Research.

The firm says that the worldwide tablet shipments in 2013 will reach 145 million units. The growth will be supported by “new market entrants, more affordable choices for consumers, and increased adoption by business audiences.” We can probably thank affordable, yet awesome Android tablets like the Nexus 7 as well.

Even though ARM-based Windows 8 slates haven’t been well received by consumers, ABI Research forecasts that the market will be more receptive towards Intel-powered tablets running Microsoft’s latest OS. This should go hand in hand with the expected uptick in the adoption of tablets in the workplace, which will reach 19% of all shipments this year.

More than 50% of the global tablet shipments will land in North America, making it the top tablet market for 2013.

While various reports stated that the strong growth in tablet market comes at the expense of traditional e-reader devices losing their traction, ABI Research puts this down more to “a waning audience” in a market that’s dominated by “an aging Baby Boomer population”.

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