AAVA Mobile

AAVA Mobile

AAVA Mobile are a leading system manufacturer specializing in the design and development of smartphone and tablet reference designs based on an “open” hardware and software architecture approach. They have announced, via Intel, that they are working on the design and development of a compelling smartphone reference design based on the Moorestown platform. A reference design enables a fast track to market thereby cutting costs and reducing risk in the customer’s integration project. Here is the official word,

Aava is collaborating with Intel to take this platform to market with a range of customers and service providers. The two companies are working on smartphone reference designs covering Android, Moblin, and MeeGo.

So this reference design should enable other third parties to take the AAVA Mobile device to market quickly and easily. They will be free to make changes to both the OS and the hardware. Based on the Intel Moorestown platform, the device sports a 3.8” display at 854×480 screen resolution with capacitive, extended multi-touch, integrates the STE M340 UMTS/HSDPA modem along with 802.11 a/b/g, and supports Android. More specifictions after the jump!

  • Internal memory up to 16GB with external Micro SD-card based memory
  • Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
  • Support for AGPS, Digital Compass, Accelerometer, Proximity sensor, and Ambient light sensor
  • 5 Mega pixel camera with 2 Mega pixel second camera for video conferencing
  • Flash LED, FM RDS radio, stereo speaker, stereo microphone, and headset

Based on Intel’s Moorestown platform, the Aava Mobile reference design is achieving 285 hours standby time (>10 days), 8.5 hours 2G talk time, 5.4 hours 3G talk time, and 5.2 hours browsing time. These estimates are based on a 1500mAh battery size.