Is there anyone out there who enjoys asking for directions while on the road? Of course not, as that would mean admitting you were wrong at some point, or admitting that you just don’t know your way around. And we wouldn’t want that to happen, now would we?

How about asking for assistance to a stranger on the side of the road when something happens to your dear car? You hate that even more, don’t you? Or getting into a gas station in the middle of nowhere, realizing that the prices are much steeper than you expected and being too proud to walk away.

Well, if you hate doing all these things as much as I do, maybe the new AAA Mobile Android app will help lift some weight from your shoulders. AAA, as most of you probably already know, stands for “American Automobile Association” and, while the company’s mobile apps have been around for some time, AAA Mobile looks a bit more special.

That’s mostly because it brings together all of the AAA’s specialized apps from before, offering users a bunch of useful services and features in a single place. It’s also available for free over on Google Play, so I see no reason why you wouldn’t want to at least try it out for size.

AAA Mobile offers roadside assistance and trip planning on the go, which means that you won’t have to deal with amateur repairmen ever again, you won’t lose your way around the States, and you’ll also be able to make the wisest financial decisions regarding your trips without asking anyone’s advice.

The app has the ability to find your location by tracking the GPS on your phone, and the roadside assistance service is available 24/7. Also, you can use AAA Mobile for finding the cheapest gas stations near you, as well as the best-rated hotels, restaurants, attractions, and campgrounds.

It pretty much doesn’t feel like you would need any other service than AAA Mobile if you’re a heavy traveler, but there are in fact two things about the app that some of you might not like very much. First off, you’ll have to sign up for an AAA membership to enjoy all of the features and functionality of the Android app, so that’s not completely free after all. Also, the maps and assistance provided by the service have a somewhat limited coverage, so you might find yourself in a region where you can’t research close-by gas stations, restaurants or hotels.

If those two downsides don’t make the new app’s strong points pale, go over to Google Play, download AAA Mobile and then come back to us and tell us your opinions. Is AAA Mobile a must-have travel companion?

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