According to a recent survey conducted by the Pew Research Center Project for Excellence in Journalism, adults from the U.S. have largely embraced tablets and smartphones as a medium for reading news articles. The survey has shown that no less than a third of all U.S. adults read news on their mobile device on a weekly basis.

The results are especially impressive given that just 20% of them own a tablet (a year ago, the tablet penetration among adult U.S. customers was just 10%), while smartphone ownership among the same user base is estimated to rest at 44%. Even more impressive is the fact that adults read news on a mobile device almost as often as they check their email inbox or compose new emails.

However, this comes of no surprise to the people who have conducted the survey. According to PEJ deputy director Amy Mitchell, “even with the broadening population and wide range of competing activities, mobile owners are drawn to news on their tablet and smartphones”.

Although a quick glance at these results might seem to indicate that people are giving up on their usual news sources, such as print or TV, the reality is that 31% of those that read news on their tablets get their headlines from sources that they did not use in the past, while 43% of those who read news on their tablets claim that their tablet adds to the time spent each day reading news (instead of replacing time spent reading news from other sources). In addition, it also looks like mobile news readers often go beyond the headlines, as according to the same survey, 20% of people claim that they read at least one full article each day.

However, the survey has also pointed out that a vast majority of those who read news on their mobile device, don’t actually make full use of the “mobile” part of the technology, as they mostly read news on their mobile devices while at home. On a personal note, I’m sure that the percent of mobile news readers that read articles on the go will surely increase over time, as the general public becomes more and more accustomed to reading news on their mobile devices.

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