While there certainly isn’t anything “mini” about it, the Dell Mini 5 is piquing interest everywhere with it’s in-between size of a phone and tablet PC.  During MWC today a few more interesting details have surfaced regarding some of the features of the phone that have been previously shrouded in mystery.

The Mini 5 is set to launch on AT&T’s network with rumored future availability for T-Mobile.  It is said to be running something “newer than Android 1.6” and some reports are saying Android 2.1.  It now officially totes a forward facing camera which will enable the device to perform video conferencing as well as shooting regular pictures via its 5-megapixel LED flash camera on the backside.

An interesting detail about the rumored price, speculated at around $1000 USD with current conversion rates is a little bit of a shocker.  A docking station is going to come bundled and is capable of HDMI video out, USB syncing, audio out and charging capabilities.  Although we doubt Dell would try to enter it into the market at that price point, bundling the phone with a docking station is a new idea and will certainly increase the cost to the consumer.

The device was also spotted in numerous colors which seem to mimic their laptop line including black, white, pink and red with others to be available at launch.  The video after the jump doesn’t show off many new features that you probably haven’t seen already but it does provide nice video playback of the Avatar trailer as well as a quick zip through the custom interface.

[via AndroidandMe]