HTC’s freshly launched developer site at may inadvertently be giving away a preview of how Android 3.x Honeycomb’s HTC-designed dress for the upcoming HTC Puccini may look like.

Rather than stick to pure stock Android, HTC generally provides a customized, skinned user interface called HTC Sense on its Android devices. Earlier leaked screenshots indicate that HTC’s upcoming Honeycomb tablet will also be wearing an HTC-tailored dress.

The screenshots on the dev site accompany the OpenSense Software Development Kit (SDK) documentation for the application programming interface (API) of the tablet pen, which seems to give us greater certainty that the HTC Puccini will, indeed, support PenScribe technology.

These screenshots show an interface similar to the ones we reported on earlier, except for the Menu button (third from the left, on the bottom navigation bar) which was a multitasking button in the previous screenshots. We are not sure which set of shots are the latest, though.

HTC customized skins have split users into two camps–lovers on one side, haters on the other. On which side are you?

Image credit: HTC Dev