SmartPark JFK—finally, an app that helps provide convenience to JFK travelers. Thanks to the app, Android users can now easily access SmarPark JFK’s parking reservations system even if they are away from their computers. Many have called this app as a revolution to the way travel plans are made.

“With customers loving our first smart JFK Airport parking app, the new app was a natural progression. At zero cost to the user, this app is quick and easy to use if you ever need to place a JFK Airport parking reservation from your Smartphone.” Shares Adam Smith, SmartPark JFK’s President.

Ever since its first release in November 2009, the app became an instant hit to its users. It was, indeed, the first of its kind. However, the app only gave its users a limited access since it only allowed them to place their reservation.

With an ever changing technology, SmartPark JFK has only gotten smarter. On top of placing a parking reservation, users now had an eligibility to earn free days—through the ‘Confirm to Earn Frequent Parker Program.

SmartPark JFK Operations Manager says:

This new JFK parking app is another example of SmartPark JFK’s aggressive approach to achieve the ultimate in customer service and convenience. There is no need to download the Android app. Simply point your mobile Web browser to,”

The SmartPark JFK Android app is for free and compatible with a wide series of Android handsets.

Christine Torralba
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