It is a very minor software update that has gotten everyone wondering whether it was drawn out of sheer compulsion. After all, Samsung’s Media Hub update for the Droid Charge phone, the 5.24 MB ED2, merely provides a quick fix to the problem of downloading content beyond the 3G Network other than providing a pop up message bearing details of the size of the file being downloaded in a 4G coverage area. And the update is primarily bent on ironically removing (rather than adding) a feature; this, needless to say, is not a particularly good news to Android enthusiasts.

Verizon, however, says that such minor update assures quality and speed albeit at the cost of a lesser evil (that being the need to search for Wi-Fi hotspots in case the 4G wireless broadband LTE is not supported in the area). Downloading the update takes 2-5 minutes on average. Installing ED2 likewise takes the same amount of time.

Don’t dig the ED2 update news? Well, Verizon has something else to quirk your disappointment. The free wireless hotspot offer for the HTC’s Thunderbolt has been extended up until June 15, 2011 (heads up, it is really just a month from now). Beyond June 15, 2011, you will need to pay 20 dollars monthly to avail of the WiFi. As freebies like this do not come often,  just grab the offer; you might regret it ultimately if you let it pass this time.

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