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99-cent HD Widgets App Provides Best Weather Widget for Honeycomb Tablets

August 30, 2011

Looking for a widget that is a perfect for your Android Tablet? HD Widget might be what you are looking for.

With numerous weather widgets on the Android Market, it’s tough to choose one that gives the biggest bang for one’s buck. One of the weather widgets that stands among the rest is the HD Widget app.

Providing “Big Widgets for Big Screens,” as it says in the description of the app on the Android Market, HD Widgets is a straightforward way of describing HD Widgets. It is a fully functional widget that displays the time and date, and instant weather updates when you’re connected to the Internet.

Fully customizable, it lets you choose among seven weather widget layouts–from a slim header that displays the time, weather and temperature, to the largest, half-page widget that displays a 5-day forecast

For time, you can choose from over 50 clock style variations (e.g., LED, flip clock, and Honeycomb) to match different backgrounds and layouts.

The widget also has utility switches. Tapping the clock opens your tablet’s alarm clock; the date opens your Calendar. You can also get a full screen weather activity page that contains detailed info about the weather in your area by tapping on the forecast function.

Also, the developers are quite fanatical when it comes to bugs and crashes. Once a bug or a crash is reported, they act on it immediately and update the widget.

For 99 cents (until September 1 only), it is a slick and gorgeous addition to your Android tablet home screen. Grab HD Widgets  from the Android Market now before the price goes up.

What weather widgets app do you run on your Honeycomb tablet?