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91 Locker: 4-way lock screen app with system toggles

May 21, 2012

There is a growing list of apps designed to give Android users a more personalized and customizable lockscreen. You can choose from the most feature-packed to the most lightweight and simplest lock screen application available. 91 Locker combines the two, being a lock screen application packed with several useful features yet  also light, letting you enjoy the awesome functionality without compromising memory.

91 Locker is the lock screen application to have if one will consider convenience, style, and practicality. In instances where your phone is locked, you will have trouble instantly switching your camera on to snap a celebrity’s picture or  to make quick calls in case of an emergency. Doing those things with this app will be a piece of cake and some operations can even be done without the need to unlock your device’s screen.


Taking convenience into consideration, the app has multiple operation modes, letting you perform important device functions fast and easy, not to mention the stylish themes included to give your device a boost in appearance.

The app has two locker modes to choose from–the Ring Mode and the Linear Mode. Both let you directly jump to an app by dragging the ring/icon over that app’s individual icon. You can choose which apps you want to place on the lock screen for easy and fast navigation.

You can easily unlock the phone to snap a quick image with your camera, or go to your dialer or messaging app. The lock screen also allows you to see the number of missed calls or the number of unread messages in your inbox through icons displayed on the lock screen. Just tap to check your missed calls or your messages without having to unlock the lock screen.

Toggling commonly used phone settings is also easy. Just drag down the string-like mechanism on the top-right of the screen to reveal the relevant icons.

You can tweak sound profiles, flashlight, brightness, Wi-Fi, bluetooth, or the settings of the app itself. So, if you are boarding a plane, you just need to perform a few taps to switch to Airplane Mode or switch to another sound profile upon your flight’s arrival.

From the app’s settings, you can also set a custom wallpaper if you wish to switch from the default theme of the app. As mentioned, the app also comes with several various elegant themes that you can choose from.

In terms of the functionality and style, 91 Locker has everything covered. It’s a convenient, stylish and practical locker of choice that’s not only feature-packed but also light on your device. Try 91 Locker and check out its handy features.  You can download 91 Locker free from the Google Play Store.