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9 new irresistible games of November (2/2)

November 30, 2012

It’s almost December and the best way to end this month is to play some of the new games from the Google Play Store. It’s time for some of the new and irresistible games that are freshly baked from the Google Play Store’s oven. So sit back, buckle up, and charge your Android device’s battery as we introduce to you some of the new games that will surely entertain you this weekend.

This weeks 9 irresistible games will have you:

  • defeating bosses with your pet companion;
  • fighting to live as the sole survivor of the zombie apocalypse;
  • farming plants for magic spells;
  • making weapons of mass destruction out of gems and towers;
  • dodging traffic and collecting sushi;
  • solving puzzles to save your daughter from a ghost pirate;
  • conquering the highest and the steepest snowy hills and mountains;
  • pitting babies against one another in an infant battle royale; and
  • gunning down zombies to save your daughter.

Fasten those seatbelts, and get ready for some thrill and excitement with these 9 new Android games.

From the popular Legends series of Spacetime Studios, a new, fun, and addicting online multiplayer game emerges. The Arcane Legends game lets you become a Warrior, Mage, or a Rogue in a fantasy land filled with magic and evil. Each character has its own strength and weaknesses. You can form a party of different classes so you fill in the gaps of other heroes and survive in quests and battle strong bosses. In your quest, you will have pet companions to aid you in your journey. Pets will also gain a level and learn skills. You can unlock and discover new pets as you go on with the game. Since this is an online multiplayer game, you will need an Internet connection to play the game. What’s even best is that you can play the game absolutely free. So what are you waiting for? Invite your friends and begin your exciting adventure with Arcane Legends.

Imagine yourself as a sole survivor stuck in a zombie infested area. What are you gonna do? Run for your life or shower them with a rain of bullets? FT Game’s Zombie Evil is a defense shooting game that lets you battle waves of zombies. Aside from the usual undead, the zombies in this game have unique abilities. There is a big fat zombie that explodes when killed. There is also a doctor zombie that can teleport instantly to your base. You can discover new type of zombies as the game progresses and even fight zombie bosses. To help you survive in this zombie apocalypse, the game allows you to select a variety of weapons, upgrade your defenses, and learn skills. The Zombie Evil game can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store; however, ads will appear on the game’s menu. The good thing, though, is that the ads won’t appear once you start a round.

It’s time to harvest the Mandora plant. Rayark Inc.’s Mandora game lets you become a farmer in Moonycat Village to harvest the Mandora plant. These plants are special ingredients of magic, so the villagers need your help to harvest the Mandora. But, you will have to do it fast because you are only given a limited time to harvest the plant. Proper timing is also needed. Harvest Mandora too soon and you will get a baby Mandora plant. If you wait too long, the Mandora plant will become an ordinary potato. There are also rare varieties of the Mandora plant. Your diary allows you to view the kinds of Mandora plants you have collected and also gives you a hint on how to find the other species. Some species appear while plucking withered crops at the night or picking fresh Mandoras in the morning. Get the ads-free Mandora app for free from the Google Play Store.

Corrupted by greed and no longer satisfied with his territory, the Fire Lord has made a pact with the devil to summon monsters from hell. In order to stop this war, you’ll need to arm yourself to the teeth in DreamStudio’s Epic Defense – The Wind Spells. To defend yourself against the monsters, you’ll need to set up towers and equip them with Wind Tribe’s gems. Yellow for Tornado, purple for Thunder, and blue for Nova, these three types of gems can be combined in certain ways to turn your towers into deadly weapons of mass destruction. Combine three gems of the same color for pure magic, but in combinations, your towers can overpower the enemy. Make sure that enemies don’t get past your towers; you have only 10 hit points.

Though the first stage is easy, don’t be fooled. Your victory depends on more than just your towers and your gem combinations. If you’re smart enough, you might just win against the monsters. Download Epic Defense – The Wind Spells for free from the Google Play Store.

Who says that growing old means having to slow down? CrazyGame’s Crazy Grandpa isn’t slowing down for anyone on his skateboard. Help Grandpa navigate through the traffic on the road while collecting sushi. Watch out for those tricky grates and the open manholes, too! They’ll wipe Grandpa out. Go farther with speed boosts, but if you really want to leave everyone else in the dust, grab a chili pepper.

Crazy Grandpa is a free game. It is, however, ad-supported and ads appear when you open the app and when you start a new game, but you can dismiss them. You can also see ads at the bottom of the screen while you play, but they won’t get in your way.

In Nightmares from the Deep by G5 Entertainment, the dead are not staying dead. While assembling pirate Captain Henry Remington’s well-preserved corpse for an exhibit at the museum, the power fails. When it comes back on, however, Captain Remington’s corpse is gone!

Captain Remington, dead but very much alive it seems, has kidnapped your daughter and has run his ghost ship into the museum. He’s taking her to Skull Island and it’s up to you to save your daughter before Captain Remington does harm to her. Solve puzzles, look for items, and save your daughter before it is too late!

Christmas is nearing and so are the piles and piles of snow waiting for you to clean up. But, before you mull over that undeniable fact, sit back and relax while playing Djinnworks e.U.’s Stickman Ski Racer (Free).

Stickman figures have become one of the favorites today in games and in this game app, you’ll understand why. Stickman Ski Racer (Free) lets you enjoy skiing on snowy hills using your stickman character. Conquer the highest and the steepest snowy hills and mountains while you collect coins for upgrades. The game features 30 beautifully-designed slopes that vary from easy to bone-breaking. Master the skills of skiing with your stickman character in this fun game which you can download for free from the Google Play Store.

From the makers of Slice It!, Puzzle Family, and Inotia 4, Com2uS, comes another awesome game you’ll surely get hooked on. Come on Baby! features adorable and cute little tots, but don’t get deceived by their goo-goos and gaa-gaas; they are extraordinary babies vying for the title of the strongest baby ever.

Fight it off with other babies in six sports events that involve crawling and racing, face slapping, and pulling a rhinoceros. Come on Baby! also allows you to play the game with other players. Just make sure you are connected to the Internet to challenge other babies in different sports events. If you want to hone your baby’s skills before challenging other contenders, you can play in arcade mode.

If you are an avid fan of Metal Slug and anything that has to do with zombies, Zombie Gunner by GAMEVIL Inc. will surely make you feel nostalgic of the once-classic game, only this time, you get to gun down zombies.

Zombie Gunner follows the story of Andrew in his quest to find and save his daughter, Lisa, while he tries to solve the mystery behind the appearances of zombies in his area. This game features side-scrolling, much like the classic games from the yesteryears, and a wide array of various weapons and machines that Andrew can use to gun down zombies. Various characters will also appear in the game and can help you find Andrew’s daughter, Lisa.

Relive the good ‘ol days with Zombie Gunner, a game you surely can’t put down for hours. Head on to the Google Play Store and aid Andrew in his missions.

We’ve just dished out nine of the most irresistible new Android games that will surely let you end the month of November with a bang. More and more games will be coming our way, especially next month when it’s practically all about more fun and entertainment. If you know of any game that you think we should go check or include in our list, let us know by leaving a comment below. You can also vote for your favorites in this list through the poll.

(with contributions from Alvin Ybañez and Dan Evans; banner image uses Shutterstock photo by Robnroll)

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