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9 new irresistible games of November (1/2)

November 16, 2012

Games, games, games! It’s game time here at Android Authority, and we’ve been scouring the Google Play Store for new and exciting games that will totally keep you on the couch for hours. I even forced myself to stay away from my phone so I can share with you some of these new games I found.

In this edition of our twice-a-month list of new and fresh Android games, you’ll get to…

  • fight against dastardly Pigtroopers in space;
  • fight back against human invaders;
  • become a mighty hero by fulfilling quests;
  • dine on the flesh of the undead;
  • set out to overwhelm a quaint neighborhood with your zombie horde;
  • help birds out by catching their eggs and throwing them into their nests;
  • solve puzzles to escape the lab;
  • swing your way from tree to Zeppelin to escape angry savages; and
  • assist magical ponies in keeping their land darkness-free.

Do those tasty one-liners have you itching to know more about these games? Sit back, click that Start button, and have a great time with all these new Android games from the Google Play Store.

We saw those little birdies fly against armies of piggies. They even waged war against the pigs in Outer Space. Now, in a galaxy far far away, the rebel Birds need your help to fight the Empire’s Pigtroopers in the latest Rovio Mobile Ltd. game Angry Birds Star Wars HD.

Guide the birds and help them kill all the Pigtroopers in each round. You will also need to unleash your force and use your light sabers to destroy all obstacles in your path. The app includes bonus games that let you use R2-D2 and C-3PO to fight against the pig armies. Join the intergalactic battle with the Angry Birds Star Wars HD game for about US$2.00 from the Google Play Store. May the birds be with you!

Humans have invaded your land. Inspired by a sci-fi movie, Fox Digital Entertainment, Inc’s Predators lets you play the role of a skilled alien killer to hunt your prey–the humans. You will need to fight against 4 different types of humans in every stage and prove to your tribe that you’re a worthy hunter. Use your fast combo and swiftly kill your enemies. If the game gets tough, upgrade your weapons and armor to stay longer in the game. Get the ads-free Predators game for US$2.99 from the Google Play Store.

Looking for some fame and fortune? Do you want to be the next mighty hero? Go to Frognest and fulfill the town’s pile of quests with League of Heroes by Gamelion Studios. With this game, you will venture as a young hero, do missions, and earn gold and experience. You can also equip your hero with the strongest weapons and armors from the blacksmith. Also be prepared to do boss battles as you progress further into the game. To make the game more realistic, the game features weather animations based on the actual weather forecast of your current location. You can begin your adventure in League of Heroes for free, but there will be ads as you launch the game or when opening its menus.

When the dead walk the earth and humanity is crumbling, food gets increasingly harder to come by. Does one scavenge for all remaining food or does one surrender to the jaws of the undead? Of course not! G-GEE GAMES wants you to change your diet with Zombie Toss FREE. With Chef Tosser, hack your way through waves of the undead and collect as much meat as possible. Make sure to watch out for radioactive material that can damage you! Failing to slice a zombie makes you weak to attacks, so be careful not to get infected. Collect meat, get paid, and upgrade your weapons to make you an unbeatable slicing and dicing machine! Ads are located in the lower right corner of loading screens but otherwise do not hamper gameplay.

Raring for more zombie action? Brainsss will have you hungering for delicious human brains. Lonely Few’s game puts you in the shoes of a zombie horde that’s out to convert every single living being in the area into one of the undead, but instead of a terrifying soundtrack and a gory environment, you’ll be accompanied by a deceptively cheery tune while you invade quiet neighborhoods. If you want your horde of zombies to grow, you’ll need to be clever in how you go after humans. You’ll start with a small room, but the more levels you pass, the more complicated the set up will be. Some humans will just run away, but others fight back. Make sure to not move too slowly, or that fast-running scientist will get away! Brainsss is ad-supported, but ads will only appear at the bottom of the screen.

The birds are in trouble! Their trees are being cut down and they need to save their eggs! Can their little wings keep them going before they succumb to fatigue? Worry not, Mooney and Pinky, intergalactic rescuers, are here to help the birds. Developed by gogogame, Save the Birds is a physics game that requires you to catch bird eggs and place them back in their nests. It may seem cute and easy, but Save the Birds will have you studying the best location to catch eggs and to throw them into the safety of their nests. Unfortunately, you’ll be facing a lot of obstacles. Branches block the way, so you’ll need to be creative with where you throw the egg. Keep an eye on that owl, as it’ll bounce the eggs back. Don’t be too caught up in details, however, as birds are dropping eggs every few seconds and you only have two hands. Save the Birds can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store but it’s ad-supported.

Help Lucky the rabbit accomplish an escape plan against his captors in Lemon Team’s new game, Lucky’s Escape. Lucky keeps his captors happy by solving puzzles while he secretly finishes his rocket to blast out of the laboratory. With his newly acquired telekinetic abilities, help Lucky navigate his way through various gadgets as he dodges spikes, buzz saws, and other outrageous obstacles to keep the scientists satisfied. Lucky’s Escape is a very engaging game that is made more fun with Lucky’s hilarious reactions and animations. Lucky’s Escape is a game you can get in exchange for nothing. Download it today and help a lab rat (a lab rabbit in this case) break free from the evil clutches of mad scientists.

Here’s a rather unique and surprisingly fun game from Deemedya m.s. ltd., dubbed Rope Escape. Just like the title says, you’ll be going through the game like Tarzan, swinging from tree to tree, rock to rock, and spaceship to spaceship while avoiding arrows shot by angry jungle savages. Collect coins and reach new heights through swinging from rope to rope or through flying high on rockets. The game has Facebook integration that lets you see how your achievements and points stack up against your friends. Rope Escape can be downloaded for free to your Android device.

Fellow fans and bronies unite! Gear up as we take a magical ride to Equestria in Gameloft’s highly-anticipated game, My Little Pony. All your favorite ponies are in the game — Twilight Sparkle, Cheerilee, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, and more. Help the little ponies get rid of the darkness brought about by Nightmare Moon in their beloved Ponyville as they rebuild their homeland from scratch. Accomplish tasks and play mini-games to keep expanding Ponyville and permanently keep the place darkness-free. My Little Pony is a free game that can be enjoyed by kids and kids-at-heart for not even a single penny in exchange. Fun games and challenges await you, so download the game today.

It’s a whole new month of new games for your Android device, and we’ve just picked out nine that will definitely keep you busy for hours. Whether you’re a casual or hardcore gamer, the Google Play Store surely won’t run out of games to entertain you.

Did any of the games we included in the list pique your interest? If you are currently enjoying one of these games or if you’ve discovered another great game we didn’t include on the list, let us know by leaving a comment. Better yet, you can show us what you liked by voting for your favorites in the poll below.

(with contributions from Alvin Ybañez and Dan Evans; banner image uses Shutterstock photo by Robnroll)

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