Endings are such sad things. But, here at Android Authority, we celebrate endings as if they were new beginnings. And with that, we start the celebration of the end of the month with a list of new great games to check out. We’ve scoured the Google Play Store for games that might pique your interest or strike your fancy. There’s no better way to end a month full of stress than with a set of entertaining games to melt all your cares away.

In this installment of our twice-monthly list of new Android games, expect to:

  • Battle your way through enemies to reach the end of the stage;
  • Sate your hunger for gems while avoiding enemies;
  • Teleport to a land of magic;
  • Pop fruit-bloated blobs to stop them from conquering a tower;
  • Navigate your way through a pulsing hexagon;
  • Smash zombies with your thumbs;
  • Flee from a huge and angry monkey by jumping, sliding, and more;
  • Fly as many kites as you can but avoid entangling them; and
  • Stop goblins with a variety of spells and methods.

Read on and find out which new games are making a buzz in the Android community. Here are nine irresistible new games you must test and try out.

Dungeon Quest

Ready for some adventure? Travel as a wizard and obliterate your foes with Shiny Box’s Dungeon Quest game. This is a simple and addicting RPG games that lets you play the role of a wizard. Your primary task is to fight every monsters in each round and make it to the final level. There, a legendary monster awaits to test your magical skills. Along your quest, you can collect magical items that you can use to defeat your foes. The game is still in beta and more installments and characters will be added in future updates. You can download the game for free, but expect some ads popping in the background, on the main page, on the loading page, and on the upper-right corner while playing the game. Although ads-supported, I find the game dangerously addicting.

Super Knights

When I think about knights, I imagine a man wearing a big armor and a master of swords. However, this knight in the Super Knights game, created by Chillingo International, is rather puny and addicted to gems. You have to go from castle to castle to collect gems. In order for you to do that, you will have to swing around poles and catapult your knight to another pole and collect gems. The gameplay is hard to master at first, but you will get the hang of it after playing the game. You can also save the damsel in distress to earn more points. And, be sure to avoid enemies flying around the castles. The Super Knights can be downloaded for free. The game seemed to be ads-free while I was testing it. However, after some time playing, an ad popped on the screen when returning to the main menu.

Life is Magic


Transform your real world into a land full of magic with the Life is Magic game by Red Robot Labs. This is an online RPG game that uses your real location as your playing ground. Watch as your surrounding turns into taverns, shops, and dungeons where you can fight enemies. Three classes are available in this game: Mage, Machinist, and Monk. Each character has its own strengths and weaknesses. Team up with your friends and venture deep within the dungeons and defeat horrifying titans. You can also find friends on the map and interact with them. Since this is an online and location-based game, you must have an active Internet connection and GPS enabled for your to play the game.

Rise of the Blobs

The blobs are coming, but a heroic marshmallow will save the day! In Rise of the Blobs, you’ll need to stop the blobs’ slow but sure climb up the marshmallow’s tower by throwing same-colored fruit at them. Throw oranges at orange blobs and watermelons at green ones to bloat them. Once the blob is bloated, pop it. If there are similarly colored blobs next to it, watch them go boom and splatter your screen with their goo. Be careful not to get too caught up with victory, however, as more blobs are coming. Race against time and pop as many blobs as you can before they overwhelm you.

Super Hexagon

To survive in Terry Cavanagh’s Super Hexagon, you’re going to need precision and good timing. With trance-inducing techno music playing in the background, you must move your cursor left and right by tapping on the sides of the screen to avoid being trapped by the incoming blocks of light. Be careful not to lose your concentration or else you’ll be trapped and it’s game over. At the start of the game, the blocks of light move towards the center of the screen but as you continue, the patterns change and soon you’ll be treated to a colorful kaleidoscope of colors and shapes. One thing is for sure: Super Hexagon doesn’t go easy on you. Start by playing Hexagon (Hard), Hexagoner (Harder), and Hexagonest (Hardest) before you can unlock three extra modes. How long can you last? You can purchase Super Hexagon from the Google Play Store for about a dollar.

Zombie Smasher

If you’re tired of shooting zombies but can’t get enough of the foul undead, then Zombie Smasher developed by Italy Games might be a nice change of pace. Instead of dealing with the undead with guns blazing, squash them with your thumbs. The crunching sound they make might be very satisfying but you should be careful when a horde appears. Zombie dogs will also move fast and change direction if you’re not careful. You only have three hearts, so make sure to squish everything in sight, except of course for the any living stragglers.

Temple Run 2

After Temple Run, Imangi Studio’s well-received and well-loved running game, the game company now brings you more running and more excitement in Temple Run 2. The game has the same adrenaline-pumping gameplay but has more appealing graphics that will surely bring more excitement when you sit down and play. New obstacles are added together with more powerups to amp up your running experience, as well as special powers for each character. If you have mastered the first Temple Run, try this one and test out your skills. Run as far as you can and avoid being gobbled up by the evil monkey, who now, is much bigger in this game. You can get Temple Run 2 for free from the Google Play Store.

Kite Fever

Relive the fondest of your childhood memories with Likenone’s Kite Fever. With this game, revisit the times when you had so much fun flying a kite, only this time, you don’t need to make a kite and run to make it fly. Fly a kite in the comforts of your living room or bedroom, with your Android device of course. Cut as many kites as you can and share your scores on Facebook and Twitter and see if your friends can top your scores. Avoid entangling your kite with other kites or hitting it on rooftops. Take a trip down memory lane with this simple but fun game, which you can download in exchange for nothing from the Google Play Store.

Goblins Rush

If you’re a sucker for tower defense games, then you should probably check out a new game from Bulkypix named Goblins Rush. This not just any ordinary tower defense game. You get to use a flurry of spells to keep goblins from reaching your tower. Using your magic, hurl goblins to the ground or onto another goblin, freeze them, burn them, and even crush them. The game has three game modes that will keep you hooked and entertained — Adventure, Survival, and Dark modes. Try out the Dark mode if you think you can face all of this mode’s challenges. Goblins Rush is a free game, so waste no time, download it now.

It’s a game-overloaded month’s end with these new and irresistible games from the Google Play Store. Charge up your Android device and let the gaming begin! What new and irresistible games did you like from this list? Want to recommend some new and irresistible games? Share your thoughts by voting for your favorite games and leaving a comment below.

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