Games, games, and more games. The Google Play Store will never run out of interesting games to keep us entertained during days when the time runs slow. Kickstart the first half of January with awesome new games that will certainly bring good vibes for the rest of the month.

In this installment of our twice-monthly list of 9 new Android games, you’ll get to:

  • strategically plan which monsters you need to fight to obtain a key;
  • take control of an ant colony to thwart zombie snails and bees;
  • duel with other players for the number one spot;
  • see a basketball star fight against sentient zombies;
  • help an adorable puppy squish monsters and find its way home;
  • destroy invading monsters with an assortment of colorful weapons;
  • command an army to fight off enemies and find allies using good strategy-making skills;
  • defend the cat kingdom from being conquered by unruly dogs; and
  • fight against hordes of zombies with weapons and a motorbike.

Let’s not prolong the agony. Here are 9 new Android games that you should take time to check out this week.


The developers at Red Winter Software have created another simple yet addicting adventure game called Dungelot. The game only needs you to find a special key so that you can continue to the next level. The more levels you clear, the more points and gold you gain. That’s basically the concept of the game. With its simple game concept, Dungelot is quite fun and addicting. Each level has a number of cells. You will need to tap those to search for items, challenges, traps, and monsters. One of the monsters holds the key to the door. Find the key to advance to the next level. You have to strategically plan which cell to open and which monster to fight. You don’t want to end up using all your health points and start over. Upgrade your skills with accumulated gold and last longer with each round. You can also unlock new heroes if you reach a certain level in the game. Are you up for Dungelot’s challenge? Download the game for about a dollar from the Google Play Store.

Ant Raid

Oh no! Zombie snails and bees are rising and they are coming for the ant colony. Ready your army of ants and attack incoming enemies in HeroCraft’s Ant Raid app. As the name suggests, you control a colony of ants in this game. Command the ants to attack incoming enemies such as zombie snails and bees. You can select a small group of ants to attack small animals or a bigger group to attack bigger enemies. Aside from attacking enemies, your ants can also bring the injured back to the base for medical care. If surrounded by enemies, unleash your power to squash or zap enemies with lightning. In addition to the fun gameplay, the game’s background music and cute sound effects will surely bring a smile to your face. Ant Raid is on its launch sale and will only cost you US$0.97 to play the game.

Dueling Blades

Rouse the fighting spirit within you and put your skills to the test by battling fellow fighters online in 6wave’s strategy-based fighting game called Dueling Blades. In this game, you control a virtual avatar and battle with other players’ avatars. During duels, you must plan where you want to move your character and aim your attacks. Doing battles lets you gain experience points and strengthen your avatar. Customize the looks of your avatar, equip it with the strongest items, or don it with fancy and adorable clothes. Since this is an online battle game, you will need an Internet connection to play. Aside from battling with other players, you can also do single player, discover the game’s story, and battle against pirates, bandits, and even the undead. Items and some game features require you to spend in-game gold and diamonds, which you can earn by doing quests or leveling up. You can also buy additional gold and diamond in the game’s shop. Test your skills and engage in heart-stopping duels in Dueling Blades for free from the Google Play Store.


You may have played virtually every zombie game there is, but ShaqDown by Onespear Entertainment is the only zombie game in which you can find basketball star Shaquille O’Neal taking out zombies. The virus that had reanimated the dead has now turned these undead creatures into sentient killing machines. Humanity has been enslaved, but hope is not lost. The man that they call the Justice Bringer will fight against these rotting oppressors and liberate humankind. Knock over weak zombies, uppercut and slamdunk unstable ones, and obliterate mutant undead with your free throw. Purchase Shaqdown from the Google Play Store for US$0.99.

Puppy Tales

On one fine morning, a puppy saw something quite unusual and chased after it. But, like so many stories, the puppy tripped over a rock and fell into another world. Puppy Tales by MoMinis tells the story of this adorable puppy and its journey through a new and unusual world filled with monsters. Help puppy jump over obstacles and gaping chasms, and collect doggy treats and paw-printed coins. The world is not safe, however, but the puppy can defeat enemies by jumping on them. For an extra boost, winged boots and four-leaf clovers pepper the land and are ready for the puppy to use in its quest home. Puppy Tales, however, is ad-supported. Ads appear at the top portion of the screen while you’re playing and during loading screens. You can remove ads within the game by paying with the in-game Bucks.

Beat the Beast

Chundos Studio’s Beat the Beast is a rather unique take on the tower defense genre. Instead of the usual straight line or maze-like paths that enemies are supposed to pass, Beat the Beast makes invading monsters climb a winding pathway to get to your castle. The way is long and you’ll have a lot of spots to set up your colorful but deadly weaponized towers. Shoot enemies down with arrows, electrocute them with a thunder tower, throw flaming boulders at them, or smash them with hammers. You can even build magic houses so you can raise magic points and unleash powerful spells to weaken the enemy. Purchase Beat the Beast from the Google Play Store for US$1.00.

King’s Bounty: Legions

Command an army of able and strong warriors in King’s Bounty: Legions by NIVAL. Choose the best among the best to man your army and send your enemies running back to their own kingdoms. Find allies to help you in your quest and savor great-looking 3D graphics in this game. Get to play with other people and forge guilds with them as you take on various quests in various locations. You can also join tournaments to hone your strategy-making skills in this free game. This is an online game so you need an Internet connection to play. Special items and upgrades can be bought for gems, which can be bought from the in-game shop.

Cat War2

Cats and dogs have long been archenemies for different reasons, depending on the story you’ve heard about their feud since time immemorial. There have been games that revolved around this story and one game you must try is Cat War2 by WESTRIVER. This game is the second installment of the first one, featuring cute cats and dogs. The game’s main objective is to defend Catphinx’s kingdom of cats from being overrun by the kingdom of dogs. Earn diamonds to upgrade your feline forces and equipment to further fortify your defense against those mangy mutts. Or, you can buy additional diamonds from the in-game store. Have fun defending the kingdom of cats with this free game.

Dead City

Ever wondered what it is like to be the only person left after a zombie apocalypse? Find out in COM2US’ Dead City. The “D-Virus” has turned all of humankind into the undead — except you — and you have to avoid getting the same fate. Survive by shooting zombies that come at you from different directions or run them over using your car. Fight well to earn gold so you can buy more weapons and items. Or, buy additional gold from the in-game store. Though this is a free game, ads sometimes appear on the main menu. It’s either kill or be killed. Save yourself from being killed in Dead City.

You will surely have a blast with our list of new and irresistible games for the first half of January. Which games did you try? Which ones are your favorites? Let us know by voting in the polls and leaving a comment below. Also stay tuned for our next set of new games for the second half of this month.

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