Whether you love or you hate Valentine’s Day, you can’t deny that there’s just no escaping it. Thankfully, it’s over for this year and we can put away our sappiness for another twelve months. Now that the week has come to a close and we only have half a month more to go for February, it’s time to treat yourself (and your significant other) to 9 new irresistible games from the Google Play Store.

In this edition of our list of new Android games for the first half of February, get ready to:

  • engage in a battle of shapes where you need to defeat waves of cubes with spheres;
  • play as a powerful mage or a strong warrior in beautiful 3D graphics as you complete quests and tasks;
  • indulge in a bit of nostalgia as you furiously shoot up armies of alien invaders;
  • keep a sharp eye as you travel through territories and shoot down corrupt factions;
  • keep orcs and goblins at bay as you defend your castle from being conquered;
  • lead an army of warriors and expand your empire with constant help from the gods;
  • run, vault, and climb your way to freedom with awesome parkour moves;
  • save the world from a nuclear catastrophe as NYC’s bad ass cop, John McClane; and
  • pull off wicked stunts and tricks and make your way up to the top as the world’s best pro skater.

So, go ahead.  Treat yourself to some post-Valentines weekend of Android games.

Cubes vs. Spheres

Versus games have become so popular that I’m seeing a lot of these games on the Google Play Store. There are games that lets you fight terrifying beasts or even use plants to fight horde of zombies. ShockPanda Games also develops a versus game which I find unique. Cubes vs. Spheres lets you battle waves of cubes by throwing spheres at them. This game is a battle of the shapes. You are surrounded by cubes and you have to defeat them before they reach your base. The game also lets you buy and use special spheres to help you defeat the cubes. There are spheres that freezes enemies, explode during impact, attract enemy cubes, and many more. Join the spheres in battling the cubes in Cubes vs. Sphere game for US$0.99.

Aralon: Sword and Shadow

Do you love role-playing games? Then you should try Crescent Moon Games’ Aralon: Sword and Shadow. This is an RPG game that lets you become a powerful mage, a strong warrior, a stealthy rogue, and more in a vast virtual world called Aralon. In this game, you can select from three races: humans, elves, and trolls. The game also has 5 character classes with unique skills. What I like in this game is that your character is customizable. You can select your gender, physical features, hero build, skills, and even the clothing. And, the high-definition graphics, night-day cycle effects, challenging quests, and hours of gameplay are a must-have for an RPG game. Escape reality and journey to a virtual world with Aralon: Sword and Shadow for US$4.99.

Syder Arcade HD

After travelling in a virtual world, let’s now warp to outer space. Ready your aircraft and blast foes with STUDIO EVIL’s Syder Arcade HD. This game reminds me of the classic game Galaga. In this game, you will control an aircraft, shoot foes, and evade incoming laser or missiles. The game includes three aircrafts and a special ability to blast your enemies. The game’s graphics and intense gameplay kept me playing for hours. I also like the retro-like background music and sound effect that brings a classical touch in this modern HD game. A dual-core powered device or more is required to play the game. Join the intergalactic shooting game with Syder Arcade HD for US$1.15.


The apocalypse might have wiped out most of civilization but there’s still life left. Emerging from their hiding places, people sought to rebuild society, but strife and corruption arose. A cowboy named Bill and your nameless character want to fix things but fixing also requires having a steady aim and a sure trigger finger. In G4M3 Studios’ Oddland, you must travel through territories and take out other factions. Level up and earn money so you can better equip yourself. You’ll need to perfect your aim because your enemies definitely have sharp eyes and one stray bullet could mean killing hostages you’re supposed to save. Oddland is ad-supported, but ads appear infrequently between loading screens.

Castle Defense

Fight against orcs, orc warriors, goblins, and more in DroidHen Publisher’s Castle Defense. Keep enemies from reaching your base by setting up bunkers, labs, forts, and canons. If those measures don’t keep your enemies at bay, deploy warriors for some extra muscle. Cast some devastating spells if you need to buy some time. If the game is going too slow for you, call up new waves at the expense of lumber or speed the game up at the expense of making it harder. Keep an extra eye on your health because each beast that escapes you shaves off one point of your very small amount of HP. Castle Defense is available for free on the Google Play Store but it is ad-supported. Ads, however, only appear in the lower left corner of the screen when on menus and at the end of every level.

Spartan Wars: Empire of Honor

In Spartan Wars: Empire of Honor, you are the Chosen One who must lead your army to expand your empire and conquer the world. This game, developed by tap4fun, requires you to build your empire, provide the necessary resources to your people, and conquer wild lands filled with equally formidable warriors. You are not alone, however; the Greek gods are with you and with their blessings, you can devastate your opponents. These gods will also help your empire prosper and turn it into a prosperous economy.


Only a few mobile games can pull off having lesser color on their overall game aesthetic and Nekki’s Vector is one of them. The game’s charm lies in the absence of too much color and the combination of freerunning and Parkour. The game follows the story of a man who wants to break free from the totalitarian system he is currently enduring and who finally musters the courage to make his way towards freedom. Run, slide, climb, or vault as you go over obstacles. The game’s controls are intuitive and easy to maneuver and you’ll definitely love the pace of this adrenaline-pumping game. Get Vector for free from the Google Play Store.


There is never a good day to die hard if you have DIE HARD by Fox Digital Entertainment installed on your Android device. Play as John McClane as you tear down the streets of Moscow on your way to Chernobyl to save humankind from disaster. If you love runner games and first person shooters, Die Hard will definitely be to your liking. The game is an endless runner game that you can keep on playing and playing until you surpass your high score. It has explosive gameplay and 3D graphics, and you can download it for free.

Boardtastic Skateboarding 2

Fans of the legendary Tony Hawk can pull off ollies and tricks in PerBlue’s Boardtastic Skateboarding 2. Even when you’re a frustrated skater, feel like a pro with Boardtastic Skateboarding 2 and garner points from executing tricks and stunts. You can upgrade your skateboard’s deck art, wheels, bearings, and more, and check how you’re doing on the global leaderboards. Feel the thrill as you skate up in the air with Boardtastic Skateboarding 2, downloadable for free from the Google Play Store.

Whether playing alone or with a partner, you will surely have a fun time with these new and irresistible games for the first half of February. Have you fallen in love with the games on our list? Which ones? Tell us by leaving a comment and voting in the polls below.

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