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9 new irresistible games of December (2/2)

December 31, 2012

Everyday is Christmas day on the Google Play Store as we are about to open our newly packed gifts from Google’s toy shop. Present time is not yet over for we are about to introduce some of the newest games for the second half of December.

These 9 new irresistible games will have you:

  • Exploring the world as a monk, 8-bit graphics style;
  • Fighting against aliens with the use of machines;
  • Combine puddings to create the ultimate pudding monster;
  • Preparing people, resources, and equipment to fight a war;
  • Stopping pesky ducks from stealing your pumpkins;
  • Conquering asteroids and planting trees to increase your units;
  • Slipping, sliding, and dashing your way while escaping the wrath of an angry volcano;
  • Helping out an alligator that loves to shower and a platypus that solves puzzles; and
  • Rocking out with Santa Claus and his reindeer.

So sit back, relax, and open your new and irresistible gifts on your Android device.

Travel in a mystical and magical world in Capybara Games’ Superbrothers Sword & Sworcery. This is an action adventure RPG game with 8-bit graphics and outstanding sound effects. Using your headphones while playing the game is advised so you can truly appreciate the game’s sound effect. In this game, you play as a monk and explore a mysterious world. The game is primarily focused on tapping to interact with objects around you. Your handset’s orientation will also vary in the game. Holding the device in landscape lets you travel and interact with your surrounding. Turning into portrait will unsheathe your sword and do battle against mythical creatures. Superbrothers Sword & Sworcery is currently on sale. You can now travel a mysterious and magical world for only US$2.04.

Baghdad was just the beginning. The machines have once again invaded Korea in 11 bit studios’ Anomaly Korea game. This is just like any defense game, but you are placed on the attacking force. You must strategically plan your route and fight against the machines, waiting along your course. Your troops alone cannot fight against the heavy fire of the alien force. You must use your power-ups to increase your firepower, conceal your troops, replenish your troop’s health, and many more. You can also hire troops and upgrade them to survive longer in the war. What’s even best is that the game is on sale. You can get the Anomaly Korea game for only US$2.83.

Oh no! The puddings are being eaten. It’s time for the little puddings to combine and create monsters with ZeptoLab’s Pudding Monsters HD game. Your primary goal in this game is to combine all puddings on the table. You can do that by sliding one pudding into another. But, you have to be careful because you might slide off the table. You can use objects on the tablet to help you reach the other puddings. For more fun, try obtaining all stars in each round. Slide and form pudding monsters with Pudding Monsters HD for US$1.00.

WISTONE Entertainment puts you at the head of a war in War 2 Victory. Just like any war, before you can go out to the front lines, you’ll need to prepare your resources. Start by building houses to attract people into moving into your city, and then start building factories to produce your resources. Once you have enough people, turn them into factory workers and soldiers. Finish missions to earn yourself more resources that you can use to build your army, strengthen it, and gain an advantage over your enemy. Download War 2 Victory from the Google Play Store for free today!

Halloween may have come and gone but no one likes pests in the garden. Stop those pesky ducks from stealing your pumpkins in Duck vs Pumpkin by Amazing Games. You need to protect three of your precious pumpkins from waves of ducks. Show them who’s boss by shooting them with your shotgun. Be careful, because you might run out of bullets. Reload quickly or else the ducks will carry your prized pumpkins away. Ducks vs Pumpkin is free to download from the Google Play Store but you will see ads in the lower left corner of the screen.

Omni Systems Unlimited’s Eufloria HD is an ambient strategy game that puts you at the head of a galactic colonization. Conquer asteroids and plant trees to birth more of your seedling units. But, as you expand your empire throughout space, you come across asteroids stricken with the gray sickness. Get to the bottom of this while cultivating seedlings that are strong, healthy, and fast. Eufloria HD is a perfect game to play on tablets and phones with large screens. Zoom out and you can see your slow but sure conquering of asteroids but zoom in and really see the action as it takes place. Complete with a soothing ambient soundtrack, Eufloria HD can be played at a relaxed pace or fast and furious. Purchase Eufloria HD from the Google Play Store for $4.82.

Loved Temple Run and Agent Dash? If you can’t get enough of these running games, PITFALL! by Activision Publishing, Inc. is a must-have game app. Relive this classic game as Pitfall Harry makes his way across cliffs and death-defying obstacles, hoping to escape the wrath of the angry volcano. Jump, slide, tilt your device to get treasures, and use Pitfall Harry’s whip to help you clear the obstacles. The game is so much fun to play because of its graphics and challenging obstacles. Get PITFALL! for free and play this classic remade for Android today.

Although we had already celebrated Christmas, there’s still more to celebrate about as Swampy and Perry tie up in Disney’s Where’s My Holiday?. Where’s My Holiday? features the same gameplay that requires fast-thinking to have water flow to Swampy or Perry. This game houses 12 exclusive Christmas-themed levels in both Swampy’s and Perry’s stories. If you enjoyed both Where’s My Water? and Where’s My Perry?, you’ll definitely love this game with a bit of a Christmas twist. Where’s My Holiday can be yours for free. Get it today and help Swampy and Perry this holiday season.

Who would’ve thought that Santa Claus had a killer body and can pull off wicked guitar riffs? If you don’t believe me, then download Santa Rockstar by Yuisy. Help super bodybuilder Santa Claus deliver gifts around the world with the power of Rock music, together with the Reindeer Band. Make sure you hit the colored notes well so you can obtain boosts to increase your score. You’ll get to play rock versions of classic Christmas tunes in this game and unlock other characters like Rudolph the Rock Lord, Genny the Gingerbread Guitar Legend, and more. This fun game is absolutely free. Don’t skip this chance to help super hot Santa shower the world with gifts and spiking rock music.

The month of December is almost ending but great games will still be flocking the Google Play Store for the coming new year. To end this month, we have eagerly collected nine awesome games in one list for you to have fun with as we anticipate the ushering in of the year 2013. Start the year with great Android games and you are sure to find greater ones the whole year round. If you have taken a liking to some of the games in this list, show your love by voting for them in the poll below. Are there games you found entertaining but we failed to include in this list? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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