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8GB Nexus 7 tablet sells out in the Play Store

August 7, 2012

It seems the Nexus 7 is such a hot product that Google and Asus can barely keep making it before it sells out. Soon after it launched, the 16GB version sold out, and was unavailable for two weeks. That was surprising considering it was the more expensive and not-so-promoted version, compared to the $199 8GB Nexus 7 model. But maybe people wanted to be cautious in regard to the available storage they would have and that’s how the 16GB version sold out first.

Now it seems the 8GB is the one that sold out. The 8GB Nexus 7 is now marked as “coming soon”, which is what the Google Play Store said when the 16GB version was out of stock. Fortunately, the 16GB model is still available for purchase, at least for now.

The fact that the Nexus 7 is such a hot selling product is not much of a surprise, considering it has received some of the best reviews for a tech product in recent history, not to mention its incredible $200-$250 price tag despite not having to make that many compromises compared to more expensive tablets.

Jelly Bean, the best Android version yet, which makes a huge difference in the actual experience of using the device, has played a big role in the selling out of the Nexus 7 as well. Moreover, other things like Google Now search and the richer notifications are very compelling features as well, that many people want to try for themselves. And for such an affordable price, why not buy it?