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8 signs that you should ditch your iPhone

On the fence about whether you should keep that iPhone or make the switch to Android? Here's 8 signs that your should ditch your iPhone.
June 11, 2014

Most hardcore Android fans will never be swayed by any of Apple’s iPhone features or hardware because it goes against what they are looking for in a phone: an open platform that gives them the choices they want. The same goes for many of Apple’s faithful which are often lured by the simplicity and polish of the iOS ecosystem.

Some users got into the Apple ecosystem for its simplicity and polish, only to find the platform too limiting

Of course, not everyone is set in their ways. There are people that will easily trade back and forth between the Android/iOS ecosystems and hold no loyalty to one platform over the other. There are also those that got into the Apple ecosystem for its simplicity and polish, but soon found the platform can be a bit limiting.

If you’re an iPhone user reading this and have been on the fence about whether you should consider making a switch, here’s 8 signs that you should consider ditching your iPhone.

keymonk keyboard how i android swiftkey

1. You find yourself excited by the prospect of Apple opening up the keyboard to 3rd party developers, and are equally intrigued by 3rd party widgets.

Apple’s changes towards 3rd party keyboards and widgets are awesome moves, but it’s only scratching the surface on what’s possible with a truly open platform. Imagine being able to easily change the default apps for just about any function on your device including things like browsers or even PDF readers. What if you could also switch up the look and feel? 3rd party app stores without having to jailbreak your device first? All this is possible with Android.

Imagine being able to easily change the default apps for just about any function on your device

On the widget and keyboard front, there’s also a ton of established keyboards out there already and Android allows you to put widgets directly onto the homescreen, something Apple won’t do. Admittedly for some users too much choice can be seen as a bad thing, but if you are itching for more options, you might want to consider ditching your iPhone.


2. You liked the idea of two iPhone models starting with the 5C/5S, and find yourself excited about the possibility of more screen size options with iPhone 6.

There were all sorts of reactions when the iPhone 5c was announced. Some Apple users hated the  move, but others liked the idea of more colors and a choice between the more premium 5S or the plastic-clad entry features of the iPhone 5C. A number of Apple users are equally excited about the rumor indicating iPhone might offer a 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch model starting with the iPhone 6.

If you find yourself interested in the idea of more options in terms of screen size, build materials, price range and colors — you might want to consider ditching that iPhone and looking to Android (or hell, even Windows Phone) market instead. After all, you’ll have a lot more choices and can find the device that perfectly fits into your life.

google now nexus 5 1

3. You wish that Siri was smarter, and you look forward to “hey siri” with the arrival of iOS 8.

Google Now also has the advantage of predictive capabilities using Google Now cards

Siri is a good choice for answering questions and setting reminders, but let’s be honest: Google Now can do almost all of this, even if it handles it in a different way. There was a time when Siri was better than Google Now, but Google Search has evolved considerably in the last year or two and now makes it easy to set reminders, send texts, look up things and so much more.

Going above and beyond Siri, however, Google Now also has the advantage of predictive capabilities using Google Now cards. In short, Google uses GPS, search results and other services to learn more about you so it can figure out what you want before you ask it. This includes weather, sports information and even things like what kind of events are going around in the area or where you parked your car last.

Many handsets like the Moto X and Nexus 5 even include ways to launch Google Now by simply saying a voice command, and third party launchers like Nova are also making this possible. Now to be fair, Siri will soon offer “Hey Siri” functionality on select devices with iOS 8 as well, but that’s still months away.


4. You wish you could use the same cable for your cameras, phones and every electronic gizmo without having to put up with Apple’s proprietary tech.

If you happen to be in a household that has all Apple products, this point might not matter as much. Still, wouldn’t it be nice if nearly all your products could use the same cable? Digital cameras, smartwatches, smartphones, tablets and just about any modern USB-charging-based device all use the same cable with the exception of Apple products.


5. You wish you had more control over the lockscreen.

Starting with iOS 7, the lock screen has become a much more powerful place, allowing you access to notification center, control center functions and giving you fast camera access. But what if you’re itching for more? With Android you not only have tons of great functions built into the lockscreen, there’s even 3rd party lockscreen replacements that can make the experience even better.

One example of a replacement lockscreen is Cover, which brings contextual features to the lockscreen. This is far from the only choice, though.

google maps nexus 5 1

6. You enjoy Google services — a lot.

Google Maps, Google Search, Youtube, Chrome, Hangouts — if you find that you have all these apps installed and you are using them reguarly, you probably should ditch your iPhone.

Now I know what you’re thinking, “Why ditch the iPhone when I can already get these great apps on my existing platform?” It’s true that Google does an excellent job of supporting iOS with its popular apps, but honestly, the apps are often limited in some ways when compared to their Android counterparts.

Not only this, Google services simply play better with Android (better integration) than with iOS.

Best Root Apps for Android

7. You feel the need to jailbreak your device in order to get it to do what your want from it.

From the iFile full-blown file manager to Activator, there’s plenty of reasons to jailbreak your phone in order to increase its functionality and knock down the walled garden a bit. Of course, nearly everything your jailbroken phone can do is also possible on Android, and usually with much less effort.

Some might argue that ‘rooting’ to get more out of your phone is the same thing as jailbreaking. In some ways, this is true, but remember that Google (mostly) doesn’t doing anything to get in the way of rooting and many customization efforts can be done without root access. In contrast, each and every time a new version of iOS is released, folks have to wait around for a jailbreak solution.

galaxy s5 vs iphone 5s aa (14 of 14)

8. You’re sick of being spoon-fed, and you want to make your own choices when it comes to services, apps, features and hardware!

Basically this sums up every sign before it. If at the end of the day, you are sick of being told what apps to use, what services to use and want more freedom when it comes to your smartphone life, you should ditch your iPhone.

Now are there sacrifices to be made by switching? In some ways, yes. Apple’s iOS usually gets apps (particularly games) ahead of Android by months or more, and software updates are obviously much quicker as well, with perhaps the exception of Nexus and Moto devices. Apple’s OS is also arguably more polished. Honestly though, if you desire more freedom it’s worth putting up with some of Android’s weaknesses and you’ll find many of its so-called weaknesses (claims of viruses, fragmentation) to be greatly exaggerated.

For those of you that formerly rocked an iPhone (or iPad?) before switching to Android, what were your main reasons for making the move and is there anything you miss? For those that run both platforms, what’s keeping your from going all Android or all iOS for that matter? Share your thoughts with our readers in the comments below!