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Roughly 75,000 people are working to make the Samsung Galaxy S3

May 19, 2012

Yes, believe it or not dear readers, there are roughly 75,000 people working hard right now to manufacture the Samsung Galaxy S3. If you’ve read the recent report saying that there are 9 million pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy S3, you must be wondering whether these people can actually make 9 million units in time for its release? The short answer is yes, they can.

How did we arrive to the said figures? We’ll spare you the horrid details (not to mention the math) and just give you a brief recap of a feature ran by In the article, Sebastian Anthony uses various statistics from Apple and Samsung to estimate the workforce necessary to churn out the millions of Galaxy S3 phones that the market demands.

Just to give you an idea of how the estimation was made, Anthony starts from the capacity of Foxconn’s production lines, a figure revealed earlier this year in the diary of a worker.

Now applying that with the production line of the Samsung Galaxy S3. Samsung’s factory will at least need 60 production lines to make 5 million units of the Samsung Galaxy S3. That equals to around 38,400 workers. So to make the 9 million units of the phone who are up for pre-orders, then it will require roughly 75,000 people to work on Samsung’s manufacturing plant. And these are the same number of workers who will make Samsung Galaxy S3 units beyond the 9 million pre-orders.

Those are the bare facts about the production of the Samsung Galaxy S3. Those are the number of people who are working so hard to deliver what we have all been waiting for all these months. Hopefully, the working conditions of Samsung workers in Korea are not as bad as the Foxconn employees who make the iPhone.

So by the time you get hold of the Samsung Galaxy S3, think about these people and thank them for their hard work just to make us happy, Samsung Galaxy S3 owners.